Thursday, January 19, 2012


a chalkboard for the fridge

(I figure it can see reading/spelling play for Madd,
the daily Do,
and the short store-run list, if it's empty.)

new batch of cleaners
(scrubbing powder with orange and spearmint,
kitchen and bathroom soapy spray with orange,
heavy-duty disinfectant with thyme oil,
and dusting spray with 'happy home' oils)


baked apples

new batch of tea

more sparklify


Bob Marley
(requested by Madeleine)

reading (Trevelyn)




and more still.

prehistory research

Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

checkers, again.  with Madd.

"You can move there, and be safe.  I can't move backwards 'til I"m kinged."
"You mean 'Queened'".

Jurassic Park : Operation Genesis
Angry Birds
(at the same time, of course.)



short nappy-poo cuddle...
Trev and Dad...
then Dad and Madd...

jump! again.

Apples to Apples Jr.....

and I dunno what else.

I'm tired. 

Life's good.


  1. that sounds like a lovely day. life is good!

  2. Cleansers and baked apples: I'd love your recipes for both :)

  3. Horseland! Emma loves horseland. The fact that it is about 8 years over her head doesn't phase her at all. We are bummed that there is only one season on Netflix, but I think we were able to find some at the library.
    We were just looking at amazon today trying to decide on some games. Couldn't decide so we chose to wait a bit. I'm thinking checkers we can make, but I keep looking at the Totally Tut game. Just not sure yet...

  4. Melody,
    for the baked apples I just core and slice one, then put it an oven-proof bowl. I put in a tablespoon or two of butter, a spoonful of brown sugar, a couple of dashes of cinnamon, and handful or two of rolled oats.
    After it bakes for a while, I stir it so the oats have the chance to soak up the butter and juice well.

    All my cleaning recipes are here.

  5. I know you shared so much more, but I love your sparkly pantry :)

    We have been loving Ticket to Ride here.

  6. Just is the same and yet different it's cosy warm and happy, i wonder what the mums in aussie are doing? I followed your friends blog...homeschool sounds cool but stressful, and i read another blog at the 'beautiful ordinary' ..their temperatures are minus 30!! so lovely to see happy kids ...thx


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