Tuesday, January 17, 2012

sunday : the hearth

the hearth, and the heart, were definitely the way, today.

our day started with eric putting two organic whole chickens in a brine for our family day dinner.

tea was slowly made for me for the next few days (I usually prefer iced to one-cup-at-a-time hot).

maddie joined us in the kitchen, and I showed her the clay buttons I had made the day before, and told her of the project I had dreamed up.

it was decided that we'd cook the smalls from the chickens... either for annabelle (our pup), or for gravy, so soon we had something extraordinarily homey  filling the kitchen... carrots, onion, and smalls were evidently the soul of our sunday, for it firmly set the mood and our souls in the kitchen for the day.

maddie was interested in the valentine project, so hand-in-hand, we went downstairs to gather some paints, glitter, and buttons.

I sat my laptop on the kitchen table, and there is where I spent the day.
the children came and went, and eric and I puttered and mused upon the loveliness of the day.

we had a few things that needed to be tended, so maddie and eric scooted off to grab a few dollars cash for the next few days, and to pick up some crickets for out little green family members.

I mentioned to trev  that he had the option of making chocolate chip cookies for them while they were gone, if he'd like.....

and so it was that trev almost solely filled us with even more hearth goodness.

not every moment was hearth magic - trevelyn's mood was very different from ours... still, we managed to stay connected and sweet to each other, and certainly love ruled the day.

it was lovely,
and whole,
and fine.

life is sweet.


  1. Very nice :)

    And I LOVE the colors in your button picture. I find that my soul *needs* reds in January.

    I love to read about your days.

  2. Ah, yes...sweet, indeed!


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!