Sunday, January 22, 2012

speaking of the same...

Funny enough, our day Saturday looked much like our day Friday.
That happens, though, when things are just lying about, hmm? 

So our day looked like :


prehistory researh (there's always some sort of research, every day; it's Trevelyn's thing.  Everything from pop-culture to prehistory, from world population and racial discrimination to cuss words.)

rain and dark

stories for Madd

power outage!
(that was new)

a couple of babes a little discomfited for a while

Zoombinis on my laptop (battery),

Amazing Math Projects for a minute - multiplying fractions

Kahn video on multiplying fractions, but we realized it wasn't the day for it, so we put it away

more marble-run building and playing (on their own)

more reading


more twister (really it looks more like yoga for Madd--she's stretching and twisting so)

hacking (after the power came back on)- I tried to alter Trev's JPOG game, but I couldn't get it to work.  ' Course, then the game wouldn't work at all, but I was able to get back in there and undo what I did [phew].

playing with the Some Body game (anatomy)...

and so it went.

life, uninterrupted.

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