Tuesday, January 24, 2012

monday love

a super delicious day

music and dancing

recording time.
because she has a sleep-over in a couple of days, 
and wants to have the passing of time down to minutes.

by herself.

from the left: Mina, Kyan, Maddie, Soleil

Exago for the three of us.

Rat-a-Tat Cat for Trevy and I.

Mancala for Trev and I.
He wiped the floor with me, one game.
But I rallied, the next.


Body play
(SomeBody game)

and a book, too.

And throughout :
working on the Field Journal,
and many, many Magic School Bus episodes.



  1. Have you read my post from yesterday?
    Do we live parallel lives?
    I'm off to check out that Somebody game ;)

  2. We have been playing so many of the same games. Mancala and Rat a Tat cat are always favorites. I have Exago out in the garage waiting for a time to appear, but lately we have been too busy with other games. I love that wooden sudoko set.

  3. Proud Mama - I love it, too. The Sudoku game was mine. I thought I'd introduce it to Trev, but I ended up playing the whole game, myself. :) Maybe today!

    JeanLove - mmhmm. We've watched like sixty MSB episodes in the last few days, so we're all about the body, space, compost, habitats.... I surely do love Magic School Bus.
    (And am so happy that Maddie loves it as much as Trev used to. He likes it well-ly, of course... but is outgrowing it, now. But not me!!)

  4. Spore....is it a good game? Bearing in mind how much OGJP is played round these parts, I am thinking this would be a wise investment. Hve you tried Age of Empires? I like it because you can use diplomacy and trade, war isn't the only option.

  5. Kelly - mine like it. Maddie has just recently -in the last few days- started playing it, also.
    It's also one of the favorites for friends to play, when they're over.

    We haven't played Age of Empires! Sounds interesting... I'll check it out.
    It's not like JPOG or ZooTycoon, it's an evolution game... sort of frustrating on the dino front, as you can't customize exactly how you like, but rather pick and alter from a list, but still, it's a hit around here.
    Start as a spore, and evolve to tribes and village, and into ships and galactic, if you have Galactic Spore (an add-on) which we do.

  6. Declan LOVED Age of Empires and Age of Mythology. That was huge at our house for a looong time.

    I am going to look for Magic School Bus right now...

  7. We have Age of Mythology (I bought it about a year ago), but so far, Trev's not too interested, even though he loves mythological creatures, and they're something we frequently check out at the library.

    Our Magic School Bus vids are on tape... several years ago TLC had them on early in the a.m., and I"d get up verrra early to record them. So I have several dozen episodes. Like sixty-plus. :) (Something I shouldn't admit to very loudly, but there you have it.)

  8. In that third picture of Maddie with her kitty-cat face (so adorable btw) she looks like her great-Grandma to me. Though she would never have allowed a kitty-cat face...you know how she loved cats...not. :)

  9. I love reading your posts as I always find new and exciting games and what not to check out.

    We went through a MSB phase when Emma was 3. We were stunned that she would sit through an entire episode and actually seem to absorb the info. I kinda wish she would get back into them, the hubby and I miss them... Might have to see what the library has for MSB.

    Love all the inspiration, thanks!

  10. Where did you get the set of colourful wooden geometric shapes from? I love them :)


  11. Oh Man! Set, pattern blocks and sudoku--you hit my big three! Looks like a delightful day. For the record, I never get tired of Ms. Frizzle either. Say, I have an idea . . . I'll email you.

  12. Rose - We got ours here, at Discount School Supply.

  13. loving your blog. Where do you get your interesting and important toys?? is SLC a great place to raise little ones???
    glad i found your blog


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