Tuesday, January 03, 2012

january three

Maddie and I must have played a dozen rounds of Rat-a-Tat Cat. :) We love this game!

My sister Robyn sent it to Maddie for Christmas... it's a card game... like Polish Poker. Have you played Polish Poker? It's probably my favorite poker game.
The goal of the game is to have the lowest score as you can... you're hoping for 0's, 1's, and 2's. You get four cards, laid face down on the table, and can only look at two of them.
As the game goes on, you can draw from the "draw" pile, or pick up the last discarded card. (Sometimes someone makes a mistake, and they accidentally trade a 0 or 1.)
There are also a few "Peek" cards, which means you can look at one of your cards (that you've forgotten), and there are also a couple o "Swap" cards for you to trade with someone else, and a couple of "Draw Two" cards.
When you think you have the lowest hand, you can knock in lieu of taking a card, and call "Rat-a-tat Cat!" and everyone else gets one more turn to try to improve their hand.
Very fun! :)
(Oh--and for those of you impressed by awards, it won Platinum for Oppenheim Best Toy Award, and it's a National Competition Winner for Mensa Select!)

An' then we were done, and ready for Trevy to join us for Forbidden Island. (He was finishing the final minigame of Plants vs. Zombies...)

So Forbidden Island!
Which was fun -if a little awkward- since it was the first time played.

A puppy den was built,

there was jumping,

and ds play.

An' somethin' like this...

(Mandala making)

an' like that....

and Rumis for Trevy and his Mama.

There was Peep,

more Plants vs. Zombies,

an' more o' this.

There were shape challenges,

and Stixx challenges.

I have no idea what the rest of the day shall hold,
but I'm really quite done with today's record keepings. :)

Life's good.
'Til tomorrow, then.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I like learning about games and toys I'm not familiar with. Your photos are very well done. I still have a lot to learn in that department.

  2. As always- love your pics, love your words!

  3. I know a lot of people who rave about Rat-a-Tat Cat. Personally, I'm drooling over that mandala-making kit!

  4. We love card games around here. Are those geo boards your doing the shapes on? I've been looking into those....wondering where's the best place to get some.

  5. It's one geoboard... our friends Julie and Lee make them!

    Craftmatter.... the link is also in my sidebar.

  6. Julie - I'd like six more discs! :) Wish you could buy them separate, and not have to have the trays and stuff, too! (Wasteful.) Super fun for me and Madd, though.

  7. So beautiful - looks like a wonderful day!!

  8. Love this - love the mandalas, the ds playing and all of it really!

    Thank you too for your lovely comment on my blog x

  9. love the mandalas too - and i picked up rat-a-tat cat at the thrift store and don't think it's quite complete - i'll have to have another go at it since you make it look like such fun...!!

  10. What are the Stixx? Googled them but can't seem to figure out what they are exactly! The game sounds great, have added it too my daughters wish list on Amazon


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