Tuesday, January 03, 2012

january second

I so love the rhythms and starts that life naturally supplies.

One of the benefits of not being attached to an agenda is that there is a lot of room for yeses, and not very many times when one feels frantic or harried.

Big Brain Academy for Trevy, Dad, and Mama

We take days (or weeks) to play in a mad crafting frenzy, to spend time holding extended family close, to enjoy communities around us as they sparkle, light up, and welcome the world with a festive and loving spirit.

a new Lego Star Wars game (Lego Star Wars III)

So fun.

And then.... and then after a while, we wake up one day and get a mad craving for a different sort of adventure.  Like for a day spent looking at old bones at a museum.  Or a longing for things that explode, pop, or fizzle.

 Rat-a-Tat-Cat - love it.  Will tell you about it soon!

I should say that probably in reality my children's lives weren't that different than they ever are... they've spent time reading, researching, running, creating, inventing, and imagining much as ever.... so I guess it's me now waking from the first winter's nap, stretching and looking to the next adventure.

building with Polydrons

Okay, then.  I'm awake!  
What shall we do next?


  1. Lovely! And feeling a bit envious ;)

  2. I'm awake, too. Yet...still in my pajamas. Day Two, in fact.

    Must. Get. Showered. ;)

    Happy New Year, Steph...I love your happy, shiny family!

  3. Nice way to start the New Year....being. Ya gotta love it!

  4. My boys love Rat-A-Tat Tat! They will play all day matches!


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