Saturday, January 21, 2012


Though blogging has many wonderful aspects, one of my favorites is the (do-able) inspiration that we get from others that are living a life similar to ours.
This morning mine came from my friend SlimD and her Plot 55.
It was in the form her lovely words, and a scale.  Just a scale. A regular ol' OHaus scale, somewhat like ours.

And I had the idea that the microscope might could be brought out, today.  And since I was going downstairs, I asked the children to come down with me, to see what we could find that seemed like 'something cool'.

I think sometimes we live our days, and don't notice that there are many rather wonderful things going on.
Sometimes it takes looking and smiling at someone else's day to realize that our ordinaries are really something extraordinary.
So today I was all about that Noticing.

Today's play started with cheesy crackers.
(we were 'posed to yesterday, but....)





(and thinking)


(Magic School Bus)

(Spore and JPOG)






Sporing for the other one

and Jurassic Park building

making dinner

(thanks, Aubrey!)

and Twister.

The children spent the day engaged and interested.
I spent the day enchanted.

It's a fine, fine life.


  1. Yep, they really *are* extraordinary. That's why I like to visit your life so often. :)

  2. (The life that you share on your blog, I mean.)

  3. ohh we love Spore too, in fact it was enjoyed this morning!! Great game. Love the look of the cheese biscuits, would you share the recipe please? looks lovely! xx

  4. "Sometimes it takes looking and smiling at someone else's day to realize that our ordinaries are really something extraordinary."

    I'm re-evaluating our ordinaries. Still workin' on some things...but hoping to make them extraordinary!

  5. Jess - Our days can look so same-old, sometimes. In blogland, we can see someone else doing the same things... building, painting, making music, laughing and loving and adventuring... and we think, "Wow!" When really, we do the same things every day! :) Good to notice, sometimes!

  6. I'm with Melody. I like coming here for inspiration, and a smile and a nod...and those cheesy crackers look delightful.

  7. Yes, thanks for your inspiration, its such a wonderful thing to have and to find.... these great blogs that we happen across.

  8. I agree with Pip- recipe for cheesycrackers? Pretty please?

  9. Sorry, everyone! Didn't mean to make you ask twice!
    Though I came across the recipe somewhere else, it comes from here, at the Smitten Kitchen, who adopted it from the Lee Brothers.

    I've used unbleached white flour both times I've made them, as I'm out of whole wheat (and keep forgetting to put it on the list!), and this time I used extra sharp cheese, so I added about 2 Tb more of butter.
    I also make mine in my Kitchen-Aid mixer, instead of a food processor.
    And I use a little extra onion powder, as well, for a nice, crisp flavor.
    Don't be afraid to overcook them, as they need full time in the oven to get that rich cheese flavor, and the texture is too soft (not crispy enough) if you undercook them!
    They're very, very easy, and with ingredients you already have on hand--just flour, salt, butter, cheese, and onion powder.

  10. grinning from over here...and wondering on this day if we were perhaps living parallel lives? the microscope came out here as well this past week, and the marble run, and....oops, no cheesy crackers. must. try. cheesy crackers...
    you know how much inspiration i get from your days...


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