Sunday, January 01, 2012

For 2012 : Shine

Every year I start pondering my word for the year by coming up with words, thoughts... things I want it to mean.
In January 2008, my first year for choosing a word for my year (I'd never been a new year's resolution person), I chose Intention.  It seemed to hold together all the things I needed it to.
The next year was Still.  Going within and finding a sacred, quiet space to grow.
The following year was Beauty.  Which I was this close to choosing again this year.
Last year I chose Harmony to be my focus.

This year I was thinking Joy, as always.  :)  (I really am very fond of Joy.)  I read the word Glow somewhere, and almost chose it.... but it wasn't quite right.  I wanted it to have a little more sparkle than that, for it to be just a little bit bigger. 
What I was looking for this year was something wonderful for my children to see.  Years ago, before I had my two babes, my mother had (it's probably still there) a small paper sign on her fridge that said something about letting your eyes light up when a child comes into the room.  I've thought of it many times over the years, and it's something I believe to be a wonderful gift to children.
I want my eyes to light when I see my children.  Light.  That had more of what I wanted than glow.... glow is luminous, mysterious, and quiet... I wanted something bigger like Light. Like Sparkle.  But Sparkle wasn't right, for I needed my word to have a richness, depth...

So I was getting closer.  I wanted something to remind me to come from within.  I want to reflect and recognize beauty.  I want to to make choices that inspire my children.  I want to offer my children and my husband -and my Self- light.  I want to come from a glowing flame within, and to radiate Joy.  I want to shine.

One of my very favorite words.

I smiled as soon as I thought of it.

Though it felt perfect, I didn't want be rash, so I sat with it for a while.
I went through all of the things that I wanted to be in my life in abundance this year.  How did I want to represent myself?  From where do I want this focus to come?  Does Shine match it? 

It does, I believe.  If cared for rightly, it can begin in a quiet, glowing place within that I can look to when it's time for a decision, words, or action.  It can be happily filled and fed with joy and beauty.  In the end I aspire to offer days, moments, exchanges, words, eyes, heart, and a soul that Shines.

Yes.  That's what I want.  To shine.


  1. Shining is wonderful and has so many directions it can go. This year I have two Collaboration and Caring for myself. Well the second one is a phrase but there isn't a single word for it that I can think of.

  2. Stephanie, you do Shine. And I'm glad to know you through your blog. This is the first year that I have chosen a word for the year and it is Awareness. It resonates with me on many levels.
    Wishing you a new year filled with light and joy!

  3. I love this idea of choosing a word for the year. I will be giving some thought to my word for 2012. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Shine is an amazing word for the year. It is present within us at all times, when we remember.

  5. Perfect! Shine, has an amazing energy emanating from it :)

  6. Very nice ♥ I'm still working on mine... though I think I'm nearly there. :)

  7. That's great. I was watching Oprah several years ago, and she was talking with someone about your eyes lighting up when your child walks into the room. That has stuck with me all this time.

    Looking forward to seeing all the many ways you shine with your children this year. Happy New Year!

  8. So true that you shine!

  9. Happy New Year, and i've left you a blog award on my blog

  10. Great word choice! I've just started reading your blog. The title is what drew me in. You clearly have a way with words. I chose "Authenticity" as my word for 2012. I'm not sure I completely achieved the "Balance" I was in search of last year, but I have a good feeling about this new choice.

  11. Excellent choice. In fact, your whole family shines! Good job, mama!

  12. Shine is a perfect word to describe you and your family, as so much love and happiness shines through in your posts.

    Happy New Year!


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