Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Honestly.  This posting every four days or week thing is getting old!
Truly the best way for me to love and savor this life of mine with these beautiful babes is to appreciate it every day.

So let's see what (else- oof) has been going on in the last little while....

Not a big deal to you, but pretty big here.
Just bangs for Maddie, but a true haircut for Trevelyn.
This is the first one, I think, that I've actually finished.  Usually we go at it for a little while, and he gets Done, and so we say "Okay, we'll finish tomorrow" or whenever.... and mmhmm.
Finally an even and well-tended one.  :)

There have been games, of course.

And prehistory encyclopedias and documentaries.

And Star Wars wii play.

And we went to go to the aquarium the other day, but found out at the door that our Aviary membership is no longer good for half-price there.  Hmmph.  (And that they'll have otters in about a week or so, so we'll go back then.)  So with a giftcard we had a cool date instead, and went to Joe's Crabshack

and to see

The Muppet Movie.


fixing things,

and creativity hasn't stopped.

But I really gotta take better notes!


  1. Great!! Its really important to look back on a day and see what has truly been accomplished and enjoyed!

  2. That first picture with the bunny...it just made me happy. :)

    the photo of her with her lips pursed and creating...hee hee...love it.

  3. Hee, hee...bunny.

    We went to see the Muppet Movie in December--Benjamin's (inside a big ol' theater "first" movie). Much fun. :)


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