Thursday, December 15, 2011


I s'pose that's what I've been doing.
It seems that I have taken a week off in order to prep for the coming holidays, coming winter, coming life.

Washing curtains.

Dusting our home daily.

Trailing Madeleine (not as in "let me pick this up even though you're still playing with it", but rather after she has moved on to the next six things in twelve minutes).

 I know, Hoppers are totally out of season.  But that's what she wanted to learn to tie.

Walking around the house, looking for stray laundry  that begs to be either washed or folded and put away (there isn't any).

Prepping has looked like window shopping on Amazon--very excited to have found three active, great-for-winter wii games (with loads of really great reviews--Walk It Out, Active Life Outdoor Challenge, and Active Life Explorer, if you're interested.

Maddie misses her Soleil

Prepping for life has also meant taking care of business - like getting the babes computers in finely-tuned condition.

It's meant prepping for Ski Season 2012 (certainly it began a while ago for Eric, but it's about time for the babes' trips).

The real shopping hasn't begun (much of that will be taken care of today), the gingerbread still hasn't been baked, and the ten inches of snow has not fallen.

Birthday Gril
But we're ready for it, now.

Home is ready for days in the kitchen,

Trevy and Damek
mental lists are final drafts,

Angry Birds, Madeleine, and Kyan

and coin purses are heavy.

We're a little late starting, maybe, but the getting-ready stuff has all been done, and now we have lots of open and joyful space for the fun.

 Happy Holidays!

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  1. Have a happy looks like you are all set now...just enjoy...


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