Thursday, December 29, 2011


oh, let's see.
lots and lots and lots of research goin' on around here these last couple of weeks.  Everything from tar pits and La Brea, the Ice Age and dire wolfs, to prehistoric camels ("Really?  There is such a thing as a prehistoric camel?!" "Of course!" says He,) and Charles R. Knight.

there have been digging things out of pebbly sand,

building with Lincoln Logs,

and a first-time visit to Build-a-Bear.

there have been inventions

and first video chats with The Cousins (Trevelyn got his much-wanted webcam from Santa).

Mama has put in looots of miles (91, actually) with her Walk It Out wii game.  seriously.  which is why I've been absent for the last two+ weeks -since December 13th- been havin' fun with that.  I can walk for an hour or a few each day, or chase the children with my camera and stay close online.... I'm hoping to find a way soon to get into a groove that supports both.  :)  (it's so satisfying, though, to walk for 7 or 10 miles straight and feel good and strong and not exhausted! so loving that!!)

the children have received a couple of "shake it up" games as well... one is Active Life Outdoor Challenge, and the other is Active Life Explorer.  Both require an "active life" mat, which is similar to, but different from the DDR mats.  Active Life Explorer is a newer game, comes with the mat, and is easily found on Amazon (or was a week ago, when I ordered ours!).  A.L. Outdoor Challenge is older, and best found at your local Gamestop, if you're interested.  Pretty fun games for getting the winter wiggles out.

Christmas morning we found a music keyboard waiting for us... haven't put it through it's paces much yet, it's still in it's Play With Me spot, and gets tinkered with.  soon, I'm sure, we'll start learning what to do with it.

we also found a beeee-a-uuuu-tyful new guitar next to the Christmas stockings.  verra excited about that.  (ours was busted... quite literally.  the head was snapped right off.  it's a mystery how that happened... finally over that sadness since we have a gorgeous replacement.)

there are new computer games in our lives,

a new baby doll,

lots of fancy new dinosaurs (breath-takingly beautiful, in fact),

and new games to check out from Aunt Robyn.  (you know we love that.)

we've been jumping on the tramp (well, Trev has!, I've been busy on my rhythm island... :) ),

visiting with family,

and watching Christmas shows and movies.

we've been rallying a monster truck around the kitchen and driveway,

watching dozens of space and prehistory documentaries,

and putting together first small-piece puzzles.

there's been loving,



and lots and lots of magic tricks.
(magic rings,

magic wands,

and magic cup capers.)

we have been hypnotizers,

film makers,

and organ players.

we've also been toy makers,


and anatomists.

life is.... life.

noisy and quiet,

loving and vexing,

spicy and sweet.

I think that catches us up!
we're good,
life is so good,
and all is right with the world.


  1. What wonderful fun filled days. I love the wii fit plus. It is so nice to get your exercise in and still be right near the little ones.

  2. yum.

    Happy Christmas, new year, and everything else!

  3. Just had to say that we found this blog last year through your "Borax magic crystals" project. We did the project last year and again this year. More importantly, I really enjoy your blog! Happy New Year!

  4. A lovely, life filled post!
    Wishing you all a very Happy New Year :)


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