Thursday, December 08, 2011

elfen whirling

there is holiday magic in the air today.

though i've been listening to christmas music for a few weeks (I love the old ones... Lou Rawls, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Elvis, Nat King Cole), and though our tree is sparkling and tinkling as it should, and though we've had several days of advent surprises and chocolates... I hadn't felt that magical whoooosh in our house yet.
but this morning it arrived.

all of a sudden, I'm whirring and whirling, and ready to fly.

I'm smiling and eager, and want to do ten thousand things at once.

lotion bars!

peppermint wreaths!

gingerbread men!

bath bombs!  (I have a lovely recipe, I'll share it with you when I make them...)

peppermint pick-me-up baskets,

peppermint bark,

hand-made mints,

twine wreath with pretty birds,

reindeer food,
toasty warm things,
lavender somethings,
more bath somethings,

make, make, make, make!

where to begin?


  1. I just remarked that it seems to be coming slowly here. I think yesterday changed that. So glad the energy is in your home too.

  2. We are getting excited for our annual trip to Arizona. We like to spend Christmas on the road and New Years with friends. The preparations have begun!

    I am excited to see all that you make!

  3. Today is the day!!! After a couple of weeks of "what shall I make him and her and her and him...sigh," today I woke up and said, "Beeswax ornaments! Peppermint lip balm! Seed bombs!!! Wooden candleholders!".

    It begins!

  4. :) Julie - exactly! :) Love that.

  5. Well, that means good things for us to read. :)

    I am in love with Bing Crosby. I was born wayyyyy too late.


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