Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Coming Solstice

The sun crosses over at 10:30 tomorrow night, our time.  I had fully thought that we would be celebrating the return of the sun on Wednesday, and then I started wavering.... celebrate before it comes, or celebrate when it has returned?  I was having a hard time deciding...
It turns out that Eric isn't working on Thursday, so there we have it.
And really, we have enough projects and Happy Things to keep us busy for two full days, so let's do that.  :)

I'm sure for those of you that celebrate Winter Solstice, you have your celebrations, activities, and crafts all planned and ready, but I thought I would share some of our favorites with you.

Since Wednesday is before the return of the sun, and theoretically the shortest day of the year, I think it would be nice to feed our wild animal friends then.

We have a little field a couple of houses north of us, so we'll string popcorn, cranberries, apples and oranges, and hang them from branches for any small creature that dwells within or might care to stop by.  If we make enough, maybe we'll take a few to a neighborhood park, as well.

Wednesday and Thursday are supposed to be cloudy (we actually have a tiny chance of snow!!), so maybe today we can make our Sunprints.

January, 2010

Today we shall pop the popcorn, so that it is stale and ready for stringing tomorrow,

and we'll choose our Yule log, and bring it in to dry, and decorate.

The Ice Lanterns must needs be made today,

(I started mine this morning),

Wednesday and Thursday we can make Gingerbread men and Sugar Cookie Stars.

We'll make a large batch of Magickal Pine Cones (scented with Frankincense and Myrrh),

and some time over the next two days we'll make our Reindeer Food.

We'll open Solstice presents (Solstice presents usually look like -as needed- snowboots, thermals, snowpants, new coats, new mittens, and a little splendid something or two that they've had their eye on),

and we will bundle up and head outside to burn our Yule Log, burn notes of things we'd like to get rid of, and make wishes for the New Year.

We'll make fudge, candied nuts, and we'll make peppermint bark.

We'll snip rosehips and toss them with white and red glitter to decorate packages and stars.

We shall honor, sparkle, sweeten, love, and sing praises of this beautiful, joyful, and wondrous world of ours.

Happy Solstice, everyone.
Blessings and Joy to All.


  1. I so wish we had some snow out this way. I really wanted to make your ice lanterns for our Solstice celebration this year. And while it's cold it's not nearly as cold as usual so I am not sure they would last all that long especialyl once the candles were lit.

    Also, I was wondering if you could explain a little bit about when Solstice should be celebrated? This is only our second year celebrating and I am a little confussed. Our calendar says December 22nd but you mentioned possibly celebrating it on the 21st. Which one is the day that people will generally be celebrating it?

  2. Ack!! I wrote that it crosses from the southern hemisphere into the northern at 5:30am Universal Time... of course that isn't so!! That is the Equinox! [rolls eyes!]
    But it does get to its furthest point, and make its way back toward the north at 5:30 am.

    So the shortest day is the 21st, as it does not cross over in Mountain Time until 10:30pm, -7 hours of Greenwich (Universal) time.

    Solstice is listed as the 22nd because it happens at 5:30am Universal time. (Which is still the 21st, 10:30pm, where I live, in the Mountain Time zone.)

  3. sigh. it actually *looks* like solstice where you are...
    we're celebrating all week - it helps with my "gotta get it right" anxiety!! a little bit one day, a little another...your preparations are divine.

  4. We were just trying to figure out which day to celebrate Solstice here, too. Eastern time has is 12:30 am, technically making it the 22nd. I think we'll do a little on both days. Our ice lantern and ice ornaments are frozen solid (in the freezer since it's not cold enough outside) and tomorrow we are making bird seed feeders. We decided on solstice cookies instead of a cake, so perhaps we will welcome the longer days with those on Thurs. Love the sun prints!


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