Tuesday, December 20, 2011

checking off the list

we're almost there, now.
as always, we wait... and wait....
and wait...

and then all of a sudden--it's a week and then immediately tomorrow!

Santa has been visited and given his requests (a doll and surprises requested by one, a miniature Baryonyx and surprises by the other),

the shopping has been finished,

the house socks have been stitched,

and Solstice gifts are wrapped--just waiting their pretty ribbons and bows.

we've taken family to play with us downtown,

we've merrily chosen gifts for eachother,

and The Perfect Stocking has finally been chosen.  (it's been a very elusive thing... had never found one that was "just right" for Maddie.

the kitchen shelves are full and heavy

holding magical makings...

peppermint bark, butter toffee, fudge.... whatever can be dreamed.

there is just enough time to make everything Practically, Magically Perfect.

oh, the Joy of it all!


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