Monday, November 21, 2011

Welcome to Heart Rockin Jewelry

I'm very happy to welcome my friend Jean of Heart Rockin Jewelry to our small group of Sponsors! 

Jean is Mom to three awesome children, and wife to one awesome man. She spends her days living with them in freedom and joy. She is passionate about Unschooling, respectful and mindful parenting, and living in partnership with her children. She is happiest when she's with her family, and loves hanging out with her tribe. You can read more Jean and her beautiful life and perspective at Heart Rockin Family.

I asked Jean, "What inspires you live your best creative life?  Where, when, what, or who... even feelings can be inspiring...."

Jean answered:
While sitting on my porch on summer evening, I watched as one friend organized her beads for sale, while another friend wove her beads into an amazing piece with what seemed like magic. Sifting through their inventory I discovered a burgeoning love affair with beads. The colors, the textures, the sparkle. I was hooked. And so my jewelry making began.

I have often wished to be more creative. During the past year or so I have been exploring photography as a way to feed my creative soul. I am an outdoor photographer, however. I love the natural light and subject matter I find there. Unfortunately I am also a cold- a-phobe. So, once the cold weather comes I tend to hibernate. Now I have a new crafty love to explore that will work wonderfully for me in the cold coming months.
'Tis the season, friends.  I'm sure there is someone (or six of them!) on your list who would be happy to wear this lovely handmade goodliness from Heart Rockin Jewelry.
The size is 7 1/2 inches, unless you need something different, you have the choice of color, and Jean will ship to anyone in the U.S. or Canada.
 Photo by Heart Rockin Family

Here are the particulars:

  • first entry for visiting Heart Rockin Jewelry's webpage and then leaving a comment here, telling us your preferred color for a certain someone
  • second entry for being (or becoming) an OLM follower
  • third entry for being (or becoming) a Heart Rockin Family follower
  • fourth entry for tweeting or posting in FB about the give-away, linking to Heart Rockin Jewelry

Let us know in your comment about your extra entries.
We all know there's something wonderful about things handmade out of love for the craft.  I'm so happy to be sharing this passion belonging to Heart Rockin Jewelry!  


  1. Ooh, I think my daughter would love the dark purple with silver! Yes, I'm a follower, and I love your blog.

  2. I would love the dark mix for my sil. Such lovely bracelets.
    I follow OLM, of course.

  3. Oh and I follow Hear Rockin Family too.

  4. I follow my dear friend,Jean, and will now follow you! :) Winning any color would be wonderful....I would decide who gets it once I see the color we receive. Happy holidays, ladies! And keep up the beautiful blogs!! <3 them!

  5. Lovely! I absolutely adore the dark purple lined wit silver. I, of course, am a follower of OLM and have been meaning to get Jean into my reader...PERFECT. Now she's there.
    I think I'll be posting on FB too. :)

    Thanks, Steph. You do the sweetest giveaways. <3

  6. So many to choose from but I really like the shiny black.

  7. I'd choose between the pearly off white of the dark purple lined with silver...lovely. Crossing my fingers!

  8. The dark purple with silver is beautiful!

  9. This one's for De... she follows HRF, and olm, and this is her comment!

  10. Very hard to choose! All the colors are lovely, but my little Maddy would love the candy color mix, I also love the autumn and the off white. I love to support family businesses, especially homeschooling families. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win!

  11. Love, love, love the dark purple with silver! Her bracelets are so lovely. Thanks for the contest.


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