Wednesday, November 16, 2011

weekend stories

it's been so long since the weekend that i'm not sure i'll have much to report.
but there were one or two verra important things that happened, so here we are.

a lost toof.  this one a canine.  he's getting all growed up.

twas dark.  and cloudy.  the winds had been blowing for a full day... but we were still awaiting the storm.
we'd like a pretty one, if you please.

there was painting

and making

and jumping.

and plans for a bakery.
it must be so.
(buttermilk coffee cake for Daddy, chocolate-cream cuppycakes for Madd, lemon burst cupcakes for Mama, chocolate chip cookies for Trevelyn... all requested.)
we still haven't gotten to much of that.

there was much weather monitoring.
why?, you ask?
because tis time.  ski season has begun.
prayers to Ullr on the fridge (Ullr Please Bring Snow) in magnets.  it will stay there through April, I imagine.
the Daddy of the house is very, very happy.

Elvis on the kitchen radio singin' his bluesy holiday tunes.
yup.  again.  :)  or still.

lots of games.


Totally Tut

secret club rules (over-extended) and clubhouse building (in the livingroom).

raffia and jute pumpkins.

and more games

Math Animals

and music.

Maddie is playing (and following along) on the keyboard, and the Mama of the house is learning to play the recorder.  I fancy that I'll be able to play like this.  (go have a listen.  just the first few notes.  it's so lovely.)

yup.  that all sounds about right.
all is well at our house.


  1. You know, Benjamin and I each have one of those exact same recorders.

    Every time I see your photos I think, should we try to play 'em? I mean, REALLY learn how to play 'em?

    And yet, they remain in our instruments drawer. :(

  2. We have that recorder too. Or shall I say we did until the top part got chipped where it slides into the bottom part. You've inspired me though; I want to play. :) Lovely weekend. They just don't last long enough. <3

  3. What a full and busy weekend! I love the raffia & jute pumpkins, and the little tableau of them with the candles. So warm and lovely… xo

  4. You guys have so many cool games! Every time I see pictures of a game on your blog I want to buy every one!!
    Thanks for sharing. :)


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