Tuesday, November 08, 2011

weekend snapshots

slooooow, was our weekend.
and Home.

which looked like chocolate pudding, from scratch.  (i'd never done that before, for some reason.)

and tangerines in fancy tea cups.

it looked like filling the larder,

taking down the pool,

and collecting toys before the snow falls.

it looked like handwork,

Frosty the Snowman,

and researching interesting things with dad.

it looked like stories under blankets,

something new,

and eating snow.

it looked like WoW for a little while,

and creating dinosaur zoos for longer ones.

like turning pages of toy catalogs,

chicken noodle soup for sniffles,

and a new wintertime recipe.

we're rested,

and it feels like we're settling in for winter.


  1. Love your sweet weekend. I guess it is time for you to take down your pool...you have had some snow, haven't you?
    I have been meaning to make one of those rugs, too. Yours looks great!

  2. Phyllis - Yes, though we got the pool down before the snow! :)
    It sat empty (er, almost empty) for a long time... Honey is a busy daddy, and it's an all day project, cleaning, drying, and packing away.
    But now tis done! :)

  3. Looks like a sweet cozy weekend! My girls are working on those hula hoop rugs too, but they got distracted midway and haven't finished yet.

  4. I know! Yours are the ones that reminded me! :)

  5. Love slow weekends:) Also love the rug! I need one for my kitchen:)

  6. Aha! A hula hoop, and here was me trying to work that one out...we don't have a hoop but I'm thinking the clothes horse could work in more rectangular way :)

  7. Love your weekend as always… and your rug is awesome!!!

  8. Replace Frosty with Rudolf and the same has been happening around here as well, okay minus the beautiful rug making oh and we have no snow yet but lots of settling yes.

    PS love the leaf bowl!

  9. Oh...love those rugs. Been meaning to make one for Isaac's bedroom floor. Wonder if he'd help. Hmmmm. Happy snow to you. xo

  10. We've been paging through toy catalogs too (Michael and I) and we've been wondering, WHAT THE HELL?

    We don't recognize half the stuff in them. What's with the Bratz-turned-gothic zombie girls? What's with some of the unpronounceable action figures? I feel so out of it.

    (Sorry. Just had to say it).

    As for your weekend...lovin' that photo of snugglin' with Daddy. :)

  11. I have wanted to make one of those rugs for years and years! I love yours.


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