Thursday, November 10, 2011


my morning (which began long before my babes woke) began with lots of happy thoughts.  that seemed to set the tone for my (and our) day.

i put my little box on the kitchen table next to my laptop, and on went some Elvis christmas music.  it played and played throughout the day, while I puttered and cleaned.

much of life revolved around that enchanted space.

 making scouring powder

  making jute and raffia pumpkins.  we'll let you know how that turns out....


investigating perfect numbers

finding factors

pterosaurs and butterflies running amok in the kitchen

peanut butter balls
(her idea, so she made them.)

a Just Right sort of day.
that will do.


  1. Nice! :) Love the light this time of year in your space. Our light goes away behind the neighbor for a bit in the fall and I get a little gloomy, but it returns as we swing around and winter is bright!

  2. I love when the kitchen is the center of the home. Those days seem full of so many options.

  3. What an amazing day!
    It's a powerful (and sometimes a bit overwhelming) thing how much mama's mood sets the tone for the whole day, isn't it?
    I LOVE the picture of the frog!

  4. OH DEAR GOD...I love that frog!

  5. Hi, I just found your blog via the lovely Kirsten's growing flowers blog . . . I just wanted to say this looks like a great space you've got here : )

  6. I also loved the frog pictures:) And it is a bit intimidating that my mood can strongly affect those around me.

    It is so much fun when Emma gets in on the cooking. Mostly she just likes to make oobleck though :)

  7. Did you say Christmas music? Oh my, I am not quite ready for that! I am so glad you had a happy day. I can feel it in your pictures and writing.

  8. hi I don't think my previous comment showed up...maybe my pc is having a moment! It was about triangle numbers and how you made them clear to me, the day after I read about them and thought "what are they?"

    Never mind....and thanks anyway!

  9. I have the cousins tonight. I was just reading this post when Gentry comes and looks over my shoulder.
    "That's..........wait, go back up!! That's.......MY frog! I miss them." (with a big, pleased grin on his face.)
    I sure do miss YOU!! xoxoxoxo

  10. What a beautiful day from the first moment and on...


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