Tuesday, November 29, 2011


"Let's get this table cleaned off, and create something fabulous, shall we?"
"Yeah.  Maybe something for my tea party!"
"Oh... I forgot your bath... d'you still want a bath?"
"Yeah, in a minute.  I'll have one before my tea party.  So I can smell nice for my guests."
"Very important.  Always wanna smell pretty for guests."
"Yeah.  Especially for Belle Belle."
That was a new name, "Oh?  Does Belle Belle have a very sensitive nose?"
"No, she just gets really annoyed."

Oh!  'Tis Belle.  The nickname threw me off.  :)

Angry Birds.

Letter games.

Zoombinis!!  (Trev today, Maddie looked on.)  Yay!  Love Zoombinis.

Blueberry Muffins.   She ate like six.

Really... tis best that we have something ready... like homemade blueberry muffins.  Elsewise, I get asked two thousand times a day by Madeleine, "What options are there to eat?"  When there are homemade muffins, she just grabs one.  Tis a very fine arrangement, to my thinking.

 Dinosaur stories (Maddie).

Art.  Clay art with human figures.

Walking A Dog, in progress.

 (And the dog sniffing a bush.  :) )

Barbie play. 
When Madd asked for clay, I brought up the polymer, too.  A while back my friend Melissia mentioned that she and her two girls had been making barbie foods.  Brilliant, isn't it?  Madd wanted to do that today.

Tea for one, cocoa and coffee for another.  :)


More making.
She started with Barbie foods, moved on to dog toys and treats, and now wants enough stuff for a farmer's market.  Er... she calls it a sunshine market.  :)


The game which shall not be named.

Cheering for Trev.

"Whatcha doin', Baby?"
"I'm gonna cut this in half, and make a dress.  With the other half, I'm gonna make a tutu."
I laughed.  Because such is my (and Her) life.
"What?" she asked.  "I thought it was a good idea!"
"It is a good idea," I agreed.

Maddie has moved on, and is trying out her (baked) new Barbie toys.

I have one more appointment for the evening... Trev wants "something biology", he says, so we're watching The Amazon.  That outta do it.

Tired and still so loving this mad, beautiful life of ours.
'Til tomorrow, then.


  1. "Really... tis best that we have something ready... like homemade blueberry muffins. Elsewise, I get asked two thousand times a day by Madeleine, "What options are there to eat?" When there are homemade muffins, she just grabs one. Tis a very fine arrangement, to my thinking."

    I know that routine, clementines are good for that situation too.

  2. Stacey - We buy clementines in bulk at costco. :)

  3. The photo of her peeking through the stuffies is priceless. :)

  4. What a splendid and sweet day. I completely agree that having homemade baked goods on hand is a very swell arrangement. Ours is currently banana bread- one with chocolate chips and one without. :o)

  5. looks like a good days work to me!
    I used to make food with Fimo when i was younger, and then gave it all to my little sister for her Sylvanian family toys! She recently gave it all to a friends daughter and it was lovely seeing them being enjoyed again!

  6. We have the same constant question of what is available. We are fans of banana muffins, but blueberry sounds good also. Cheese and frozen fruit is the stand-by around here. Sometimes I suggest some mixed nuts, and she practically has all the food groups covered :)

  7. And, at least in our house, the suggestion to go look in the refrigerator/pantry/freezer is deemed utterly. Unacceptable!

  8. Love scrabble, Zoombinis, blueberry muffins, plasticine, Barbies, stuffed animals, tea parties and biology too! Must go find Pixels...


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