Thursday, November 10, 2011


probably i can't tell you a whole lot about our tuesday... though there are a few details that were marked.
like that Trev presented me with actual directions of how to hack something instead of a vague (and somewhat frightening) idea of 'rewrite the files'.
:)  that was helpful of him. 
and you know...  i did it. (i totally did.)  i hacked that game of his, an' made it more pretty for him.
and therefore, got to wear the SuperCape for a while. 

soon enough it was Trev's turn to wear it, accoladed by Princess Madeleine.

(and i was totally willing to pass it on, just so you know.)

Amazing Math showed itself during a big part of our day.
square numbers, triangle numbers, rectangle numbers, summing a series of numbers (shapes), cubic numbers, integers, finding patterns in squares.... you see how it went.  pretty cool, yo. 

Maddie learns how to change the direction of the arrow by moving three coins.

learning to sum triangles via rectangles

squares, cubes, and square roots

lots of pretend play,
Martha Speaks (that's the new one, after Kipper),
reading, research....
Maddie played MineCraft...
and there it went.

the babes are recovering from their colds with wicked coughs,  so we're not terribly active, or seeking more wild adventures.

life is in slow motion,
and that seems to suit us fine, for the moment.

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  1. It is nice to wear the cape once in awhile. Sounds like a good day.


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