Tuesday, November 01, 2011

tuesday on a sigh

cinnamon rolls.
yup, again.  instead of baking them all at the same time, I put them between two pie dishes (six or seven each), so had nice, warm fresh ones again today.

flashlight under the covers.

writing letters (alphabet letters).


Wind in the Willows, next chapter.

Trev and I got into Amazing Math again.
learned to add in a base-five system.
which led to another Khan video.  :)

candy store!  (just like every other house in the country.)
and when she ran out of customers, she brought some other little ones in and lined 'em up.  White Bunny (White, to those that know him well) ran the cash register.

Kipper.  yup.  loving Kipper and Tiger and Pig, still.  and Arnold and Jake, too, of course.


and the store is open for business, again.

while playing Store I told her I was feeling guilty for buying up all her candy, and she says, "Not a problem! I have all this, so I have lots more for you to buy!"  :) 

Jurassic Park 3, Park Builder.  (a Gameboy Advance game, playable on Vizzed.)

introduced Trev to triangular numbers.
which is cool, but even cooler when you see that the first triangular number, 3, and the next triangular number, 6, equal a square number, 9.  very cool.  the next consecutive triangles, 6 and then 10, make up the next square number, 16. on and on it goes.
pretty cool, huh?

mathematics, we're both finding, is interesting.  :)

Trev also learned to change the direction of the triangle of coins by moving three coins.

what a lovely day this is, I think.  the babes are in gentle and easy moods, the sky is dark, home is warm and quiet and absolutely lovely (if messy ;) )....

I asked Trev if he wanted to watch something about the rain forest (which he requested the other day), and said "Not tonight, Mom, I'm feeling pretty quiet, and I'd just like to play my game, now..."

"Let's me and you watch the Addams Family!" said Madd.
:)  that will prob'ly be our night, then.

'til tomorrow.


  1. LOL...yep, played candy store here today too. Also played "trick or treating". Too much fun.

    That math stuff is fascinating. Can't wait to hear more. I need to get me that book. :)

  2. Sounds like a beautiful, peaceful day! Quiet days at home with plenty of time to pursue interests are the best.

    I love real math lessons too:)

  3. I was reading a maths book in bed last night, and it mentioned triangular numbers but not what they were...I pop in here this morning and find a perfect visual explanation! Thank you for that :)

  4. Sweet, a candy store. :)

    We love Kipper here.

  5. What a lovely sounding day--and I think it's so sweet that Trev was just feelin' quiet. Ahhhhhh!

    Jessica xoxo


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