Friday, November 04, 2011

thursday's wonder

Last night, from Madeleine, "L..i...l spells lil."  A first.
"Yes, it does.  How did you come to know that?"
"I just know."
Alright, then.  It begins in earnest, maybe, hmm?

Serenading the frogs with her harmonica.

Let's see... cinnamon rolls have been warmed up in the oven,
beans for supper are on the stove,
Trev is awake and watching Jurassic Park 3,
Maddie is back on the computers with her daddy...

What wonderful things does this day have in store for us?, I wonder.

A bike ride for Trevy.

"Mom!  You know that little table with all those things that go in it..."
"I have no idea what you're talking about..." thinking, thinking..."Oh!  Do you mean the chemistry stuff?"
"Yeah!!  I wanna play with that!!"
The test tubes and rack is what she was talking about.  We can totally do that.
Got out the goldenrod paper while we were at it.... instant solid powder.... instant snow.... vinegar... ammonia... baking powder... rheoscoipc fluid (pearl swirl)... coloring.... h20....jelly marbles..... pipettes... funnels...


"Maddie, can I have those gottles, please?"
"The other pair are right here, Son.  Here, I'll wash them for you...."

"Mom."  This was Trev.  "Why is this turning the paper red, and the vinegar turns the paper yellow!?"

Aaaah.  :)  "It's goldenrod paper.  It's reactive to acids and bases.  The lemon juice, which we dropped here, is an acid.  Turned yellow.  The ammonia is a base.... turns red.  So vinegar is.....?"
I've often wondered if a child (of mine, with these ph papers in the house that I've had for five? years) would ever be interested in this little roll I have with its ph chart...

turns out, why yes, they would.  :)  Unschooling's pretty great, huh?

Jump! with dad.

I cleaned up the chemistry residue/mess/splashes while they were gone, but  left the trays on the table.  'Cause, you know.  Someone might want to play with them, again.


Clean off the table.  Again.
'Cause Madd wants to sculpt and create.
"Maddie..." called her Mama, "I have your playdough stuff ready..."
"This is my favorite Pink Panther episode... can you wait just a minute?"
She knows The Pink Panther well enough to have a favorite episode???  Had no idea.
"Of course.  It's here whenever you're ready."

"Hey.  Can we do that?" she asks as she points to this picture in our Fine Arts gallery.  :)

"By all means!" says her mama enthusiastically.  "Let's get out another huge project!"
Now you might (and rightly so) say, "one small book, and going downstairs to get the little tub of pre-cut foam shapes that came with that beloved book hardly constitutes a huge project, Mama."
And, as I said, you might be right.  However... I know the way these things go.
[Presents evidence.]
"This marker doesn't work as well as I want it to."

"Do you want the paints?  The watercolors?"
The mama hunts for the water color dish...
"What colors do you want in here?"
"Gray.  Green.  And purple."
Mixes gray from black with white, adds green, and asks, "Light purple or dark purple?"
"Light purple!"
Mixes the purple...
"Here are your colors."
"Want help with the lines in the road?  Remember how well the oil pastels work for that?  If you write or draw with oil pastels, then the watercolors just run off of it, and you'll still see the yellow lines in the road..."

"Yeah!  Get the pastels."
Few minutes later.  "It's done.  It needs to dry."  This is just the background, remember.
Hang it up to dry in the gallery.
"Mom.... I want to color with pastels."
"Oil pastels, or chalk pastels?"
"The ones you can rub in."
I think she meant chalk, but, "Well, you can rub in both, see how this works?"  Because the oils are Out; on the table.
"These aren't the ones I"m thinking of, I don't think..."
Ands then remembering how rough my babes are on my precious chalk pastels.... "Look, Madd.  Chalks (regular old chalk) are just as good, see?  See how well they rub into the paper?"

"But it's hard to draw with these..."
"Chalk pastels are just as awkward, Babe, they're thick and square..."
And we have another lovely picture while we're waiting for that first one to dry.....

I know that this process isn't so very different from the way it happens everywhere... just pointing out that something Simple is often really A Huge Project.  :)  Always welcome around here, mind you, but A Huge Project, none the less.  :) 
And--I would like it noted that I am not opposed to my babes playing with fancy art tools.  It's just that I had rather a lot on my plate (read: in my brain) at that moment, and didn't have a lot of cells to devote to 'expensive art materials' supervision. I was really just trying to feel her out, and see if the chalks were capable of giving her the effect she wanted.

Now.  Where's my glass of beer???

Painting is dry....
Starts on dog...

"Mom, I need you to cut out a small star...."
Which further demonstrates (and verifies, happily) my reason for existence....

 "Mommy.  Can we have a snuggle?  And watch Kipper?"
"Oh, Madd.  I love you so.  I'm trying to catch up with the day... wanna watch Kipper, and I'll come watch with you as soon as I"m done?"

Back to it, she goes.  After a short spell of Kipper (love Netflix.).

Time to make the cornbread.

And JumpStart!
Letter and reading games.  :)

And Zoo Tycoon for Trev.

And... and... and...

And it's a damn fine life.


  1. The "reason for my existence" comment made me laugh. So true. :)

  2. That book looks pretty cool! My baby also loves Pink Panther and has watched all the episodes, old and new. Netflix is indeed a wonderful thing.
    And that science kit looks awesome!

  3. Oooh, my girls would love that chemistry kit.
    And yes, projects around here get Big, Fast, and Loud when it seems just a simple thing, but that's the way they tend to express themselves. I try to roll with it, help it along, and smooth it down when it gets rough.
    Mmm, I've got a snuggler who loves Kipper too :)

  4. Thought I should mention that our chemistry stuff isn't from a kit... it's just stuff we've collected over time. Some of it's from Steve Spangler, some from Home Science Tools, some is from our local teacher/educator shops... some's from our kitchen... :) lots of different tools and materials.

  5. How inspiring you are Mama! X

  6. Gorgeous day. I love your presence with your you are able to really feel them out. Sigh. I think I struggle with that sometimes. xo


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