Friday, November 11, 2011

Thursday : New Depth

Monday and Tuesday I had the thought that the babes were going to find themselves edgy and aggravated if they didn't get to exercise their bodies, soon.  So far they were holding up really well, but I didn't think that would be true for much longer.  Wheezing and hacking coughs keep them from jumping on the trampoline or running very much... bike riding was also out, as well as our skating and bouncing kid paradise place... neighborhood walks are an option, but they'll want to scoot or bike ride...


We discovered at late summer that the babes swim well enough to jump off the diving boards at a local outdoor pool.  That was huge for me.... not such a big deal to them.  :)  (Not a big deal to them because they had learned to swim completely organically, by playing in the pool in their own back yard... huge to me because they had learned completely organically, by playing in the pool in their back yard...)
We also discovered that Trev has a pretty serious desire to learn to dive.

Now I don't know the way it works in your home town, but that's not actually an easy thing to accommodate around here, surprisingly enough.
We've got these little kid paradise pools... structures for climbing and sliding... all pools have a huge slide... there are lazy current rivers... beach entries... but not really much in the way of swimming.  They're only about three and a half feet deep, at their deepest.   They're large and fun, mind you, they're just not much for swimming.

At our preferred pool (the one we've always gone to), there are swim lanes, but they're in a completely different room.  And it's not the greatest according to Trev, for there is a constant strong current everywhere in the pool, and you can't just float in still water, anywhere.

A friend introduced us to another pool in her neighborhood, and it was great!, even though it's kind of far from us.  In the same room it had a "deep end" - nine feet deep - at one end of the pool.  And they let you jump (and dive) off the side!  Can't use the (competition) diving blocks, but whatever.
I looked it up yesterday, but it seemed like from their website the leisure pool wasn't open.  ???  Called them today to find out if the leisure section was or was not open (not just the swim lanes)... it said it opened at 3pm, but it's just Right There (in the same area), so I wasn't sure.. I did okay until he told me -for the third time- that "because All The Kids Are In School".  I heard you!  "Well, mine aren't!"  I finally said.  Sheesh.  So it wasn't open.
Looked up a neighborhood pool.  Don't like it--the water is too cold, but if it has a diving section, we'll go.
Nope.  Closes at 11:30am every day, and doesn't reopen 'til 4pm.  sigh.
Call Murray--our usual place.  Since Madd can be in the water by herself (she's six), I can go over to the lanes (in the next room) to see how Trev's doing.  Call Murray... no diving.  Swim lanes only, has no deep end.  Hmmph.

I could think of two more options... one on the other side of the valley that would take us twenty minutes plus to get to, and it's totally out of our neighborhood and usual driving range, but if it has what we need...
And another that's really pretty much in our neighborhood.  We've never been there because I've actually always thought of it as "a club", and never considered it an option.  But called the Lions club.
Their pools are all in one large room.  Open daily from noon to 8:30.  Has swim lanes (which is excellent for Dad, for when he takes the babes).  Has play structure, beach entry, large slide.  Has a deep end.  Has a deep end that is not Lane Swimming Only.  "But... can you dive?" I asked.  "Just a minute... not sure... let me transfer you."  "But can we dive?" I ask.  Oh, yes.  You can dive.
Now.  If we just like the pool....
I wasn't planning to swim, so I had made myself ready to sit in a hundred degree steamy pool room for a few hours... shorts and tank top.  Laptop.  Camera.  Peanut butter sandwiches.

And just look!  Perfect! 

A mama can sit right there in the middle, close to the bottom of the slide, close to the deep end, can see the whole place from the view... wonderful.
We have a new hang out, ladies and gentlemen!!  Phew.

Spent the day at the pool.  Got there sometime a few minutes after noon, swam and swam and climbed stairs and swam (with no coughing the whole time) for about four hours... left starving... stopped for a Right Now supper (I didn't think they'd make it long enough), and Wiped Out for the rest of the day.  :)  Well--the one hour or so left 'til dark, anyway.

So that took up our whole day... but now we know, and it was so worth it!
I'm so glad to have discovered it!

Now.  About those diving lessons...


  1. i love it when that happens! :)
    congrats & enjoy!!!

  2. So glad you found a great pool! What fun.

  3. Do you really have that many indoor pools within your under 20 minute area to call? And that many kiddie indoor pools with lazy rivers? And that many more pools a little more than 20 minutes away to call? Wow-za! That rocks. We have the Dells and hour and a half away, but it is tourist $$$$$ hell. In town...a handful of dark small square pools with no windows and overly expensive just for classes. :) There are so few indoor pools that many swim schools have classes at the teeny hotel pools.

  4. Denise - don't you live in the water-slide capital of the country? But no pools!?

    Some of the pools share with high school swim teams, but that's before and after public hours, or else after school and have to share.
    (And our preferred hours are late morning/early afternoon; as you know, we like to go to these places when they're mostly empty.)

    $3.50 for the babes, each. Not bad, for a five to ten minute drive.

    And a wall of windows!! I was most happy about that! :)

  5. I need to find a pool for us, that doesn't involve driving to the hotsprings, Alder thinks that's what all pools are like. He taught himself to swim and dive this summer and I think that it will be a great energy user this winter.

    You know when we first started swimming with him I thought that it was the one thing that wasn't going to happen organically, funny how certain things get stuck in our minds.

  6. Yay!! So happy that you have found the new hang out where everyone can have what they need! :)

  7. I have 1 photo of my little guy swimming, and even that one was just luck because the life guard sprinted up the side of the pool yelling 'no photo's no photo's'. My poor husband was shocked and embarrassed, every parent in the place was staring. With modern phones and cameras having a screen to show what is being photographed, couldn't they just let a delighted parent photograph his son's first swimming experience without making him feel like the child catcher. Glad its not like that where you are.

  8. Val- that's awful! Made him feel embarrassed and creepy. Sheesh.
    You're right... easy enough to say "I'm taking pictures of my child!!" and to prove it.

    I had a neighbor tell another neighbor that I was spying on them and taking pictures of their house... the neighbor (directly across the street from me) came to ask me about it... I was shocked and embarrassed (and angry) and said, "No... I was taking pictures of the rain...." We have a fence around the front of our yard, and it hadn't rained in so long, and it was so lovely... I showed the neighbor that I wasn't taking pictures of their area, but was taking macros of raindrops.
    I was so embarrassed. I REALLY don't like the neighbor that told her that. :/


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