Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Sponsors and Give-Aways

Hi everyone!
Wanted to let you know that there are some things coming up that you will hopefully be interested in...

We have an interview coming up with OLM sponsor Cait from Earthen Jewels... make sure to check out her gorgeous hand-made beads!

Jean from Heart Rockin' Jewelry is our newest sponsor, and has also granted an interview... and will be giving away one of her beautiful bracelets--the winner's choice!

Nomad Press has offered a set of books... very soon we'll be reviewing the book Amazing Math Projects You can Build Yourself and we'll be giving away a set of four Discovery books:
We have many Nomad Press books in our home library, and find them a great resource--wonderful tools for learning and exploring!

And Elmer's and Xacto has offered up more craft supplies just in time for holiday crafting.
Two give-away winners will win a package with the following supplies:
  •   Black 20x30 Foam Board
  •  White 20x30 Foam Board
  •  CraftBond All-Purpose Glue Stick
  •  CraftBond Repositionable Glue Stick
  •  CraftBond Extra-Strength Glue Stick
  •  X-ACTO Designer Series Gripster Knife 
  • Painters Assorted Colors Set (we have these paint pens, and I love them!  They write on cloth, glass, stones, paper... beautiful acrylic, opaque paints.)

If you'd like so me ideas for the things you can make with these supplies, go here.

Personally, I'm thinking a family art memo/dream board, and books for Maddie...

I'm so looking forward to these things... I love sharing goodly things and giving stuff away.  :)

And a side note: if you're interested in a Sponsor spot during the holidays I'll bet we can work something out!  :)  Just send an email to me at stephanie@ordinarylifemagic.com.

Make sure you stay with us so you can play!



  1. Fantastic. You have great sponsors and ideas.

  2. Cool--can't wait for the book review and giveaway!

    Books seem to be my thing. :)


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