Friday, November 11, 2011

Simple Color Wheel

Maddie's been asking lots of questions about color.
It kind of surprises me, as I figure we've got this stuff covered, :), but hey, let's play.

Our printer is out, (toys in there, no doubt) so I opted to draw a color wheel for her.

I grabbed a saucer out of the cupboard, and two pieces of paper.

Traced the saucer on both pieces of paper (one a piece of scratch paper), and cut out the one on the already used piece.

I folded the one I cut out into half, and then marked the 1/2 of the circle, using a ruler.

I turned the folded piece 90 degrees, and made the second mark, making four parts.

I folded up the circle into fourths,

then that one into thirds,

and then marked off the circle into 12 parts.

I wrote Red, Yellow, and Blue in the respective places,

and told her that with paint, all colors could be made with these colors (but that light was a different matter).

I put only red, yellow, and blue into the paint tray (two or three of each, with plenty of empty spots for mixing), and gave her a tiny teaspoon for scooping paints for mixing her colors

And then, "have at it!"

She loved it.  I'm pretty sure we'll be playing again.  Maybe with even more sections!
And maybe her mama will play next time... I've got those gorgeous Prismacolor pencils.... :)

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  1. We went through a color wheel phase a bit ago. I love the color wheel. Typically when we buy paints, we get big containers of the primaries and just mix up what we want, unless we are looking for a super specific color.
    Color is fun :)

  2. Great idea...and that palette? It's so cool. Love the finished product!


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