Tuesday, November 22, 2011

monday : home

I am looking forward to a week of non-adventuring this week.  Not that the excitement of last week wasn't just what we wanted (are you kidding?  swimming for hours and hours, a weekend of friends, new museums?), but this week is Thanksgiving, and we are ready for a week of that sort of goodliness.
Creating.  Cleaning.  Breads.  Pies.  Home.  Slow, slow, slow.

Well...after the children's Outing with their Grammie; they had a date to go see Lion King 3d.  Little Honeypot was beside herself with excitement for this one.

But, until 'tis time to go, let's begin this, shall we?


Maddie decided that our first palette didn't feature nearly enough pink.  I, however, thought it was perfect.  So she began her own.

It's off to a fine start!

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  1. stunning!! you have inspired me to do something similar with my boys!!

  2. If you ask my daughter there is never enough pink. Enjoy your quiet week at home. I too love the bustle, but need the quiet even more.

  3. how did you do that? it is amazing. i think my kids would love to do something like that.

  4. Momto5- I just started with one color of acrylic paint (on a 20x30 inch foam board) and squirted it on, painted a stripe, and then a different color and a different color... up and down and back and forth.
    I didn't wash the paint sponge in between, and just added colors and then didn't add any and just rubbed them in (and off) this way and that way until I liked the color combination and pattern. :) It was easy, and simple to paint over if you add something you don't like! You can use an old rag to take something (the newest color) up if you feel like you've ruined it.
    I really like the way it turns out if you don't wash the sponge-- the sponge pick up little puddles of other colors, and smears and blend them.

    I had no idea where we were going with this, and it turned out very pleasing to me. Now for all the other things that get put on it! :)

  5. All this creativity makes me smile:)) Love it!! ~ Barefoot Mama


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