Tuesday, November 08, 2011

beaded bowl

I have these gorgeous beads, see them?

They're from Cait at EarthenJewels.  (She has so many beautiful beads... mushrooms and flowers, turtles and stars... wanna be inspired?)
Finally yesterday I decided I wanted another clay bowl... a leaf-shaped one, this time, for holding tiny treasures on our nature table.


For making holes as you work for the beads, just stick the end of a wide needle in water and then twist it very gently back and forth through the clay, it will soften the clay without breaking it.



  1. I LOVE that bowl! I just mixed up a gigantic batch of salt dough at the girls' request, to make popsicle stick and salt dough people, and while I'm waiting for them to exit their computer game and clear the table, I think I'll go outside and find myself a big ole sycamore leaf.

  2. I love the idea of a nature table, and that leaf bowl is gorgeous. I just need to get rid of a little more stuff before I have room...

  3. This is beautiful! What a creative Mama you are.

  4. Beautiful!! Absolutely perfect for a nature table.


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