Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Starting off with calculator play.
At first that looks like "What number is this?", and "fifty-five million, three hundred seven thousand...." and then it looks like making up questions and checking her answers.

Zoombinis!  Logical Journey, actually.
That went on for an hour or two while Mama puttered in the kitchen.

Apples awaiting.

And goo.

Sal Khan, again.

Body, body.

Trev said yesterday he wanted to play, so we brought up a Magic School Bus kit (A Journey Into the Human Body) and the Body game.  Since we didn't get to them yesterday, we'll play today, hmm?
Thar he sits.  And thar he gets dissembled.

With narration. 

Body books!

And so, an experiment with lung capacity.  (via MSB kit.)

Bill Nye over lunch?... they chose Digestion.
And Body play when lunch was done... still watching Bill.

(and catch-up for the Mama.)

Ready, set, go.

More body books.
(Well--the same books.  Just more perusals!)

And eighty-five (thousand) rounds of Mystery Garden with Honeypot.  :)
It worked.  I was able to edit the day's notes and photos while she and I played.

An' now it looks like we're up for a little MythBusters with our supper.

Life is sweet,
an' that's good enough for me.


  1. My Quentin has been interested in the human body again these last couple of days, too. Started with him being interested in making paper skeletons for Halloween accurately, but then he wanted to put all the "icky stuff" otherwise known as the organs and then as we did that he wanted to know what each one did...well, you know how it goes.

  2. Life is very sweet, isn't it. We did caramel apples yesterday too. And anything with Bill Nye is time well spent in my books. :)


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