Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ten days later. on a tuesday.

peach crisp for breakfast.
well--for one of us.  she'll never share with me.  (i'm kind of teasing, i never want more than a taste, but she gets all edgy about it.)

chocolate chip cookies!
my family pretty much demanded it of me last night.  all three of them, at different times, said "I want chocolate chip cookies!!"  was terribly bossy of them, but it made me smile.

so i got on that while i was Waiting. (and waiting and waitingandwaitngandwaiting.)

bowling in the livingroom.
with half-a-dozen brass candlesticks and a softball.  :)

and more importantly--empty laundry baskets.

homemade chicken noodle soup for lunch.

thumb wrestling.

arm wrestling.

which led me to teach the children leg wrestling.
which resulted in fits of hilarity.  :)  awesome, that.

oh my lord i'm tired of waiting, it's almost two o'clock.... GET HERE!
(not patient, me.)

jumping on the trampoline.

paper/magnet dolls with Madd.

Finally!  and may i just say, thank goodness for my hyper-vigilance in watching for the fedex guy, for he parked up the street and walked to our house. !!!  had Maddie not seen him, who knows!  'cause we certainly didn't hear him.   sheesh.  (had to sign for it, in order to receive it.  lord, i would have fainted -or had an old-fashioned apoplectic fit- if i had to wait another day.)

anyway.  :)

geoboard play.

ha!  en macro (...sort of).  wasn't sure if i was gonna be able to shoot (even sort of) macro!

instructions say first thing, "set to automatic".  yeah, right.
ain't gonna happen.  :)

let's go for Program and Macro, shall we?



"Mommy!  Let's go for a walk now!"
let's do.

home again,
home again.

and so.
the love affair begins.


  1. Awesome macros! So what did you get? (I don't think *I* can wait another day either!! :)

  2. Canon EOS Rebel T2i. :)
    And I'm mad about it! It's awesome.

  3. Oooooooooooh, I adore the fungi!


  4. oh! gasp! splutter! MACRO!!!! i try to be Happy with what i have...but those macros....YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Niiiice!!! Can't wait to see you do more :-)

  6. Beautiful! xo

  7. Oh, the mushrooms! So glad that you have your trusty sidekick back! Enjoy :)

  8. Wonderful! I'm so excited for you! I think the lavender and the fungi are my favorites. Looking forward to more :o)

  9. YAY!!! New camera! I almost always shoot in Tv mode, because I like to choose my shutter speed, so I let the camera choose my aperture. I have the Av mode automatically set to a wide depth of field, however, though, so when it's a sunny day or I really want a wide depth of field I can just switch over and not do any more fiddling than that.

    Do you do photo developing on the computer? I can't shoot without Adobe Photoshop Lightroom--I think that I retouch or somehow edit EVERY photo that I use.

  10. Wonderful macro photos. Love the seed heads and shadow. Glad you didn't have to wait another day :-)

  11. Julie - I have Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, I almost exclusively use Elements. I don't do much, just crop if I need to, sometimes adjust the color if it's weird (like skin tones too purple - hate that), and usually change the contrast. (I'm big on controlling contrast. :) Sometimes I like it outrageous!)
    'Course, I photomerge in there too, sometimes.

    I'm looking forward to playing today, I'd like to get some of my usual settings set up - shooting indoors -with no flash! i hate flash- with a narrow depth of field (I'm a 'narrow' kind of girl, obviously :) ). I'd like to get that dialed in.

    Looking forward to it!

  12. And size!! I change the size on every photo.
    Last night when I was loading them in my laptop, I was like, "Sheesh... taking forever!", then I saw that my photos were six feet by four feet, :), and I was like, "oohhhh. that 'splains it!" :)
    72 inches. sheesh!

  13. Oooh, so exciting!!! Beautiful shots (as usual)!
    Funny coincidences: We are also having pear crisp for breakfast (.25 cents a lb. so I got a box. $9 worth! I have some canning to do...) And as it happens, I have the remains of a bird that I am going to make stock with today and have chicken noodle soup. :)

  14. Yay!! Photos and videos to play with! My kinda play!! :)

  15. I think I lighten EVERYTHING and then super-saturate the colors. I nearly always goof with the tone, too, to warm it up, and if the photo is horizontal, I change the aspect ratio. Oh, yep, I do a LOT of cropping, too, of the sort like "Who's that extra kid?" or "How'd that corner of the table get in there?".

  16. Hey - I just discovered that my Canon EOS 500D is also known as the Rebel T1i!!! Great minds, Stephanie! Now, if only I can manage to take photos as good as yours...

  17. Looks like you got a winner! Beautiful photographs, as always:)


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