Thursday, October 06, 2011

sometimes it's a soul thing

dark clouds,



and snowflakes.

(which is really Somethin', as it was still late summer two days ago.)

menu writing

hot chocolate with whipped cream

peach crisp

and photography tutorials.

(i've got plans, you know.)

a filled larder

beautiful crayon drawings on the kitchen table

and lost treasures found.

fall-scented candles burning throughout,
warming us body and soul.

tea in beautiful cups

(mmmm, another beautiful autumn smell)...

an' a little girl gril walkin' 'round talkin' like an OutLaw.

speakin' of Outlaws,
let's go to Luckenback Texas with them other Outlaws, shall we?

the reer-reer-reer-reer of the kitchenaid mixin' up bread for our supper...

an' then that same bread rising under the prettiest little breadcloth, restin' on the counter.
thanks, Aubrey.  I use those beloved cloths all the time.

lovely eggs...

in trade for beer.  :)

a long hot shower

bath oil (a "just right" potion made up of sunflower oil, rosewood oil, and lavender)

and a long cotton nightie.

with my slippers on then,

i'll head back into that kitchen and finish makin' supper for my Beloveds.

bongos and joyful (and loud!) singin' coming up from downstairs.

rising rolls


and okay.

i'm signing out with a little plate of hot buttered rolls, then.



  1. At first when I read "Snowflakes" (!) I thought, "If we had snow now, I think I'd cry." Then you made everything sound so cozy and sweet and warm I thought, "Maybe that sounds kind of nice after all." Enjoy your coziness. :)

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

    (and "snow?!?!??!?!???!??!" from 75 degrees...)

  3. Good night indeed! It sounds like a *terrific* night :)

  4. it wasn't very fierce snow, just a few trying to show themselves amongst the raindrops. :)

    and yeah, it was eighty (i'm pretty sure, 'cause it was dang hot) just a couple of days ago.

  5. This is my idea of a perfect day (even the snow, since it was just visiting). How cozy and wonderful :)

  6. Such a sweet and restful post. I sure did welcome it this evening--as my overall day has been sour and unrestful. Is unrestful a word?

    I think not.

    Ahhhhh, enjoy your Beloveds.

  7. So lovely. I could feel the warmth of your heart and soul within your words. I'm sitting here in a tank top and yoga capris at 8pm in October and it's 25'C outside. That's just not's Thanksgiving and I am thankful for a few more warm days to get out and enjoy the beauty that is still all around us. I'm thankful for you, too, in case you needed reminding. <3

  8. Cosy. Thank you for making me feel much better about the seasonal shift, I've been lagging behind but Cosy is Good.

    I can do that :)


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