Sunday, October 02, 2011


oh, let's see.

Cluefinders Math.

language club.
(software for Maddie.)

frog love.

pico de gallo.
(yup.  it's still summery around here.)

making autumn decorations for the nature table.

stained-glass art.

(in progress)

pretend play.

labors of love.

...and then Death of a Camera.
oh dear.
it's gonna be an excruciating wait for that new one (that I've picked out but can't buy quite yet) to get here.

fussin' about that (camera research, lens research) pretty much took up the next 24 hours.  : )

but all is (mostly) well.


  1. I've become a bit addicted to my (cheap point-and-shoot) camera. It must be very exciting to be getting a new one, but, oh, I can imagine the waiting must be difficult.

  2. I saw a Canon DSLR recently that I seriously considered buying. It came with two lenses included in the sale price. I talked myself out of it. I kept waffling till the sale was over.

    Hey! Tell the Greap Pumpkin you want one for your birthday! :)

  3. I've found a Canon Rebel (dSLR) for a good price that I can feel good about buying on the fly.
    And since Daddy has lots of camera equipment around... :) .... he's equipping me with a couple of lenses lying about that he doesn't need. ('Cause he has way better ones, to my delight.) :)

    Certainly "It's my Birthday!!!" also helps with the justification!


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