Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On a Tuesday

We started our day with Sal from Khan Academy.  Have you met Sal?  I discovered him and his academy a little while ago.  Trev and I have been loving his videos!  I kept meaning to mention it, but then I thought that probably everyone in the world knew about this amazing resource but me, so...  :) 
Things like that (Sal and his story) just restore my faith in the way the world works, you know?  It's a beautiful place, this world of ours.

While Trev and I were watching our arithmetic video, Maddie was learning about properties of Physics with the catapult.  She's aiming for precision, and is experimenting thusly.  (Heavy things are predictable?  Pear-shaped?  Round?  The launching style?)

Back to the computer for a little Shakespeare--Taming of the Shrew, today...

Godzilla on the wiiheehee.
I asked the children what they'd like to do today, and Trev started mentioning science kits and books, so we went downstairs to do a little gathering.

Maddie came in telling me how butterflies come to Be (from her Peep video), so I got out our DK book Watch Me Grow: Butterfly.

Soon I was looking for our recorder so Maddie and I can have our next music lesson... where is it??  Can't find it.  hmmph.

I made a multiplication table for Trev and Madd... we've never had one posted in our house.  We do counting by numbers, and lots of talk about the magic of nines and other interesting number games and patterns... but no posted table.

There.  That's fixed.

First we reviewed Sal's video about subtraction in its most difficult form (and have mastered it, I think -in just a day or two), and then went for a multiplication review: Multiplication table 1-9.
Again, a lot of this stuff Trev knows, but he likes it, I like it, and we can keep the noggins in good working order.

Reading with Madd.  Eddie the Raccoon books.  Love Eddie.  (Both of us!)

Trev read to us from our library book, Does An Apple A Day Keep the Doctor Away? And Other Questions About Your Health and Body

while Maddie did some window shopping and I caught up here on the day's notes.


An' there was some of this,

(navigating by herself)
and Jumping,

and Maddie learned how to scrub the tub
(she did that while her Mama started her soup for supper).

Calculator play (Maddie),

Blue Planet: The Deep (all four of us),

and drawing.

More Blue Planet - Tidal Seas and Coasts, this time.  Which took us all the way to bedtime.

An unhurried and unharried life...

it's a pretty goodly way to live.


  1. We just followed your link and watched the addition video and geeked out with number lines for while. What fun.

  2. I'm hearing a lot about Khan Academy lately--and see a lot of people who "Like" my blog on Facebook ALSO "Like" Khan Academy.

    Methinks I'll take a look...

  3. a few months ago a friend of mine here turned me on to the Khan academy. we LOVE!!!

  4. this all looks so great...and enriched...and flowy. right on. i just discovered sal too!!! had to watch the TED talk he gave. very inspiring. haven't used it yet with the girls but plan to soon.

    have you heard of robinsunne's clock ( it's a waldorfy concentric circly thing that gives a really lovely visual on the multiplication tables that i'm eager to make for us (more likely make together).

  5. The Khan Academy keeps popping up here. Some local homeschoolers mentioned it - will have to give it a looksy. :) Lovely day, as always. xo


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