Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mario's Hat

Subtitle: It's Me. Mario! 
It's made out of Plain Old Felt.

Maddie wants to be a Cat for Halloween.
Excellent.  I can do that.

Aah, "Mario." he says.
Overalls?  Red shirt?  Hat?  Mustache?  Cool.  I can do that!

At first I was thinking red baseball cap.  Then Eric mentioned that it wasn't quite a baseball cap...
enter research, hmm?
Ah, again.  A flatcap sort, then.

And a tutorial!  Most excellent.

'Cept she used fleece, and as I didn't have any red fleece around (and I know me, and truly it would be best to just make it with what I have around as opposed to forgetting about Red Fleece again and again and again) and as long as I was thinking Felt, anyway (of which after investigating I confirmed I have four sheets 8x11)...


Okay, then.  Here's my super-easy, inexpensive four sheets of red felt adaptation for Mario's hat.

I used red felt, an itty-bit of white felt, red thread, and a hot glue gun with glue.

The brilliant inventor of my hat I was making suggested at least a 12 inch diameter.  So that's where I started.

My sheets were 11 1/2 inches at their longest side, as I mentioned.
Little Son has an adult-size head.  (He comes by it honest.)
So I figured I'd need a little extra something at the front of the cap, for it to stand up tall, bearing that identifying M.
Another factor was that I preferred that the seam went across the middle sideways, instead of visibly (obviously) from back to front.

So I sewed two sheets of felt together, along the long side.
And then the same with the second set.

Stacked one over the other.

I found a bowl in the cupboard that brushed closely my edges. ..

Note: I made a mistake here, though it was thankfully correctable by the washing machine and stain remover - make sure you're marking up the underside (seam side, not the final-finish stitched-edge side) of the fabric with your marker!  :)

Marked my circle on the fabric, the scooted the bowl over two or three inches towards one outside edge and marked it again, allowing for more room for the top (extra height) of the hat.

I cut out both pieces of felt at the same time, following the outer circle.

I took a piece of non-stretching twine, and while Trev was sleeping :) I wrapped it around his head and cut it at the point where it met snugly with the end.

Since it was twine, and twisty, I found something in the kitchen (a lip of a bowl) that was pretty much exactly the size of the cut piece of twine.

This is a photo of the twine lying loosely around the bowl.

So, now on the bottom felt piece, I traced that bowl in the middle of my original circle.

Note: This turned out alright for me, as my children don't like hats or uncomfortable things on their bodies, but someone else might be better off choosing to down-size that cut hole.  If you'd like a snug fit, then choose something two inches (more or less) smaller in diameter than your string for marking your 'head' hole.

The next few steps are the same as Helen's at

Cut the bill from the outside of the circles of the cap,

Sew the outside of the circles together, making sure the seams are the right way (folds to the inside),

Sew the outside edge of the bill.

Turn the bill and the hat right-side-out,

Sew the bill to the front (tallest, longest section) of the cap.

I cut out a circle of felt that seemed the right size for the front of the cap,

cut off a rounded piece at the bottom,

drew an M on it,

cut out the M (in Mario style),

and hot glued the white piece of felt over the bill of the cap.

There.  'Tis done.

Now just for a piece of black felt and a little double-sided sticky tape for Mario's mustachio...


  1. That turned out fantastic! Great job!

  2. That is too brilliant!!! Perfect!!! Well done!!!

  3. Adorable, and the hat is great too!

  4. Well done! I bet he's pleased :)

  5. Pretty good looking Mario hat! I can't wait to se the whole deal.

  6. You are pretty clever! Also feeling lucky we don't go in all at Halloween here in kids would have crap costumes LOL!!

  7. Cute!

    And guess what? We have a mario here too. A is going as Luigi, G as Mario. They talk in the italian plumber accent and twitch their mustaches. I think I might giggle my way through the whole neighborhood on Halloween! :)


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