Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday's Living

Harmonica songs began my day.

And little green Dahlings.

The children played for a while with their dad and computers and Favorite Things...

They went on some sort of Grand Adventure With The Dog, and eventually returned.

When I was picking up the livingroom, I took a library book to my Three in the den... who was reading this? I asked.

Eric had been, he said.
"Have you looked at this yet, Trev?  Check this out...."

Very cool book--How Big Is It? by Ben Lillman

' Might have spawned a few ideas, that, for soon enough the babes were talking prehistory, playing in the grass (we're sometimes forgiving about the fact that grass hadn't evolved yet--out of sheer necessity - can't dig up ALL the grass, says Mama)....

Trampoline play in the interim.

"If I slap this (liquid)... what will happen?"  I really thought they'd know and remember this, as we've played quite a few times.  Maybe it was my tricky delivery.  "Will it splash?"

They agreed that it would.
"Punch it", says I.  (Cornstarch and water.)
That set the tone for the next few hours, I guess.

After much slapping, punching, and poking, "Want to make it black, for tarpits?  Or color it for lava?"
Of course they did.

"Want volcanoes, too?"
'Course they do.

More trampoline play.

We played The Amazing Mammoth Hunt.
It's been a while.

Looked through How Big Is It? again.
Naturally, back to prehistory and play.
This time via asteroids and their diabolical impact.

Speaking of impact....
"Yeah!" thinks their Mama, getting an idea, and off I went.
To gather a pie plate of flour, a wooden nickel, a marble, a magnet ball, a softball, a pingpong ball, and Trev's impromptu Asteroid (a largish, flat stone)... and here we have simulated destruction.  Or technically, as we know it, cause for another Mass Extinction.
"Who's first?" I asked.

Again, something we've done before, and while these things are still fresh in my mind as they were on the inside of three years ago, these same bits were half-a-lifetime ago for these babes of mine.
Since we were focusing on the atmosphere (ashes), and not solely on impact and craters, I laid a blanket on the ground so we could see the impact upon the surrounding area.

Interesting pattern, don't you think?  We were speculating on why that happened.  Molecules and clouds?

Talkin' dinner.
An' talkin' cookies.
Started oatmeal cookies.... found out no eggs.  No Eggs!
Drove to the grocer's, and the children had the grand adventure of running inside to pick up one dozen organics...
I sat in the car, wondering, "What if they went up past $5???  Will they know what to do in the self-serve line?  Will they remember where the eggs are?  Will they get the right brand?  Should I get a picture of them running out via Independence?"
An' just then, here come the babes, date-dayin', one carrying (sideways, oh so carefully) a dozen eggs, the other carrying change and waving the receipt in her hand.
I know.  Not a big deal.  But still, a first for them.  And me.

Oatmeal Cookies resumed, and in the oven.


Dinner started.

I'm not sure why, but as soon as we got back from the store, Trev asked if he could experiment with eggs.  Thinking that I had just paid about a dollar a piece (an exaggeration, but you see the way my head works) for them, and I have about $5 to last for another week (not an exaggeration) due to an unscheduled purchase of a New Camera, "Whatcha gonna do wit it?" 
"I'm gonna strap it to a toy car, run it up a ramp, crash it into a wall, and see what happens to the egg."
"Oh! Like the physics experiment.  Into science today, huh?  How 'bout we wait for that one, I'm not feeling like I have any eggs to lose!"
"How 'bout the crushing one, then?"
Remembering about the strength of arches and the EggSmasher 2000 demo at the Aviary a little while back, "Okay.  You got it.  Go."

Peter and the Wolf.

And National Geographic's Sea Monsters.  (A long-time favorite of ours.)

A fine day.
All is well, here.


  1. Love, love, love this day! I wanna come live with you. Seriously. The big book - loved it. Cornstarch - loved it. Dinosaurs - loved it. Peter and Wolf - loved it. When can I move in??

  2. I love to stop by in your blog for inspiration! thanks for this
    and for your stories)))

  3. oh, i love those firsts. here's some money, go buy some FOOD for our family!!!! love doing that at market, where there is lots of friendly help...


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