Saturday, October 29, 2011


Maddie's been wanting some Baby time, so I called my dear friend and asked if we could come and play. 
We got some Littles time and got to have lunch at the home of Friends, so that was lovely.

To home, to check in with Trevy and Dad,

then off to get some eggs and the piece of black felt we need to finalize two costumes.  Yay!

Back home to reading (she's getting more serious about it, I guess--though she still has a few letters that she's like, "what does that look like, again?" and really seems to have little real 'knowledge' of letters and sounds consistently.)

There was pretty great Biology play with the Eye-Clops.  (That's a pretty cool toy/tool, we say.)

(Examinations included most of her own body... knee, arms, hand, hair, mouth, nose, ears, shirt... moved onto Annabelle - who got much the same treatment - and finally to some scientific cubed critters in little study blocks.)

Madd was looking for something to do, so "Chemistry?"
"Yeah, chemistry."
"Or magnets, Madd.  We haven't had those out in a while."
"Yeah, Magnets!"
Magnets it is.

Which of course meant discussions of magnetic fields and the center of the earth.

And a robot!  A girl robot, naturally.  (Which I"m totally in love with.)


Kitty ears!
(And her best kittycat face.)

Phew.  Had it soooo easy this year.
I know all you amazing Mama's are probably rolling your eyes or gasping at my offending ineptness, but pieces of felt (that I didn't felt myself!) and a hot glue gun is juuuusst about within my capabilities!!  :)

Repaired Godzilla figures.  whew.  He's a happy boy.

Wild Kratts.

Planning a Halloween Party.
For She and her animal friends.
We're planning decorations.
She's thinking costumes and hats.
Much fun with that tomorrow, methinks!


Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Magic Show.
With a looooooong magic cape.

She wouldn't let me stay.  Clearly this show was not open to the public.

Head stands.

And Kipper.  I love Kipper.  One of the few shows that the sounds don't just drive me mad.  :)

I love this life of ours!


  1. We like kipper and wild kratz as well :) You have nothing to worry about with the felt and hot glue gun. Your amazing talents lay in other areas :)

  2. Isaac LOVES Wild Kratts and we often take turns being Chris and Martin and going on big adventures around the house. I love how the learning he does online gets incorporated into his "real" life. Do your kids do that? It's how Isaac integrates his learning and I see him get some much from his online play (which is why we don't worry about how much he's on there...unless he is refusing to eat or go all) and just let him be because he IS learning so much. And I agree with Tina - your talents are profound. xoxo

  3. I absolutely love Kipper--but I especially love, Tiger. So cute!

  4. We love Kipper, too. We were watching, I believe Playtime with Kipper- the one where they are playing and just experimenting with the swing at the beginning. My husband looked over at me and said, "This show is unschooling at its best." ...And its without the ridiculous squawking a la Dora. ;)

  5. that awesome robot made out of magnets????? or pieces she glued together? i've been wanting to get more magnets in our life but haven't run across anything that looked as much fun as that...any leads?

  6. Hi Slim. There are a few magnets making up her robot, and various metal pieces that we have in our magnet box or from the nail and screw bucket. I just picked a few more (non sharp or pokey) things out of the large coffee can, and put them with the magnets.
    We have a large tray of magnets that has all different kinds and sizes (including a neodymium) that we've collected over the years. Some of the magnets are home depot, some are craft magnets, some are from the planetarium, or the specialty toy shop.
    We also have a large bottle of iron filings, which makes for lots of "magnetic field" investigations, and is just downright cool to play with... making metal fur. :)


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