Sunday, October 09, 2011

checking in

It's not exactly that life just isn't worth living without a camera, you know, it's that I've given myself a vacation from being the Storyteller.

I was worried at first, as sometimes when I don't write here (have I ever mentioned that I really don't like word 'blog'?  such a coarse, irritating name for something so lovely and uplifting) for a few days I forget how to appreciate my life, and it all (the record-keeping) seems so pointless.
That isn't the case this time, though I've quit reaching for my camera in moments of forgetfulness, and I've now taken out the batteries, so I've stopped trying to turn it on every few minutes; Just In Case.
Anyway, as I was saying, I haven't lost interest in noticing the magic around me, I'm still taking mental snapshots.  Still smiling over drawings and chocolate noses.  Still being thankful for long cuddles after a day spent with friends.

What's been up?  Let's see.  Puzzles and neighborhood walks with the dog.

A day spent at our friends' house, for the children.

There have been outdoor tea parties--with fancy cloths and icecream.

There have been fairy tales.

Computer games, movies and Jump!ing.

A walk to the park, and a trip to the library.

We made butter again.
My favorite part is rinsing and squeezing the buttermilk from the butter.  I have no idea why.  I just find it incredibly satisfying! 

And we made peach crisp.

There's been lots of hot chocolate with whipped cream,

and time at the Cool Math website.

We've started paper jack o'lanterns.

The furnace was turned on for the first time.  That seemed to cast a magic spell over the house--all of a sudden dreaded thoughts of Winter were now seeming like charming All Things Home and Hearth, and not nearly so devastating or so needful of being avoided.  Hmmm.

Yesterday Grammie came to spend the day; they made cupcakes and decorated, drew pictures and painted with watercolors, and built with blocks.

I flitted about the house, cleaning.  Making ready.

Which brings me to another post, so I'll close, and say

Life is continuing on.
All is well, here.


  1. Good to see you - even if I can't actually *see* you.

    I also go back and forth, when I don't write. (I also hate the word "blog" to describe what I do…) Sometimes I feel like it gives me more time to appreciate actually *living*, and sometimes I feel like I pay less attention to what I am doing when I'm not writing about it.

    That said, I can't wait until you're back in normal time, with your beautiful photos to share… xo

  2. Thanks for the post! Sounds like a lovely week. Lots of Cool maths games here too. Mainly logic puzzles!

  3. Had to come visit to feed my "being home is OK" need. Feeling a bit ... today. Even without photos it is nice to read the home-fun, life together.


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