Monday, October 24, 2011

birthday love wishes

my children had very definite ideas about how best to spend my birthday.  :)
and since I didn't (at least for the first day)....

Maddie and I have been talking about learning to play the Recorder.  this morning we started our lessons.  which is really a wonderful way for a Mama to start a birthday, if you ask me.

aside from a bowl of oatmeal and a ds game while sitting next to the morning heater, of course.

this year i get a little spoiled by Mama Nature... these two days in October are our last very warm days.  remarkably, we still haven't had frost yet, and are still consistently able to live in short sleeves
so let's celebrate, hmm?

our aviary was having a couple of special Halloween activity days, so we thought it might be alright to play and tromp around there.

flamingo mud nests!
there was a scavenger hunt, a craft,

and we saw a spooky bird show - did you know that a group of crows is called a Murder of crows???


and of course we played at the park... carousel and ferris wheel rides....

and Eric rowed us around the lake in a canoe.  (which was, I am sure, comically stressful as Trevelyn kept leaning this way and that, distressing Maddie (and frightening me, too!), while I kept a sharp eye on the depth of the lake so I was prepared to keep my precious camera out of the water when we classically toppled our canoe....)  :)

the second-half of our boatride was quite alright, however.  we all settled in... and remained quite dry, I am very happy to say.

while we had other plans for our day, as sometimes happen we stayed and played longer than we supposed we would, so arrived home just in time to make supper.

birthday part one was quite lovely with its chocolate icecream faces and ghastly vultures...

tomorrow breakfast in the mountains and fall festival play.


  1. What a wonderful fun day. There are so many child and mama friendly things to do in your city. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday, Stephanie! What a gorgeous Part One you had. (And I'm very glad the camera survived the day so you could share these wonderful pics!)

    Your whole day looked magical. Can't wait for Part Two. :)

  3. Happy happy birthday to you! Looks like Part One was lovely… xo

  4. Quite the most amazing birds - love them!!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Steph!

    It looks like you spent a wonderful day with the people you love.

    In other words, your day looks a lot like most of your days--THAT is one special birthday & one special life!

  6. Thanks so much everyone!
    I couldn't ask for any better than playing with and loving my very favorite three close, and then also getting to wave and smile at all my other favorite people online!

  7. So glad your first birthday installment was grand. More birthday wishes for continued fun and frivolity sent your way.

  8. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!! that looks like a beautiful way to spend the day - the beauty bits an the spooky bits... lovely. here's to a wonderful year, lady...

  9. Happy Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a terrific way to me! :)

  10. Happy, happy birthday, sweet friend. It sounds as though it was glorious. No frost yet here either. Hard to believe.

    Sending you loving wishes for a year that holds only the best for you...and your sweet family. Mwah! xo

  11. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a fun day - and it was only part one! :-)

  12. Happy birthday to you! What a lovely way to spend the day. xx

  13. Happy Birthday, beautiful Mama. It sounds like a blissful time.

  14. sounds like a fantastic b-day!

  15. Happy Day to you! I'm so excited...our special days are right together (mine's the 23rd)! I love October birthdays. Enjoy!

  16. A belated happy birthday to you, Stephanie!


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