Wednesday, September 14, 2011

wednesday's bliss

let's make a new batch of cleaners.


an' how 'bout some chewy granola bars?

"Mama.  Apparently, I made a bird bath."  :)
yup.  apparently she did.

spiral art!

and drawing.

and clay sculpting for all of us.

A pokemon for her from Trevy... a dragon for Trevy from her.

Mama's seriously inspired by these gorgeous things made by Cait... pondering what's to make with them.

let's practice handstands.

and create bracelets.

"Hey Madd... look!"
"And look at this!"
"Ooh, yeah!  But we don't have a printer."
"We didn't use a printer," said her Mama, "We traced them."
"Oh yeah... out of the fairy book!  And we used the shrink-i-vator."
"The what??"
"The Shrinkivator!!"  That's what I thought she said.   : )  I love her so.


yes, I make playdough.  but sometimes I pick up a four-pack of bright colors for $2.  because then I can actually have my cream of tartar for Snickerdoodles... and can use my food coloring on more than one thing.  !!!

more trampoline play.
and more "You're the best, Trevy!" and "I love you, Maddie!".  that seems to be the flavor of the day.


an' now, i think i still have a date with the babes and Logical Journey with some zoombinis.

and then we're off for Under the Sea.

have i ever mentioned that i love this beautiful life?


  1. It *is* an especially nice one :)

  2. I love the "liquid" bracelet maker. Who makes that???


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