Thursday, September 22, 2011


very first thing we gotta get our Pinwheels up.

and something arriving in the mail  pretty much guarantees you'll have something to do, hmm?
today, that meant setting up the roku this morning.  !!  pretty exciting stuff for us...

and anticipating a big box full of paints being dropped on our front porch by the u.p.s guy.  a box full of Create supplies??  dreamy.

a fine beginning!

soon it was time to talk to Grammie...Trevy was going to spend the day with her,

while Maddie had a date with a girlfriend at the chiildren's museum.

we came home to a very happy Trevy and Grammie... evidently they spent the day sharing and thoroughly charming each other.

it's a good life.


  1. I absolutely love, love, love those kids museums - all hands on and sciencey!

  2. that picture of maddie in hardhat and flowers.

  3. I so wish the nice children't museum was closer to us. I love her photos from the day.

    It also makes my heart happy that they have their Gma. Mine miss mine tons!


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