Thursday, September 01, 2011


I got a lovenote this morning, from my Madd.
And Trev spent time practicing writing.  (I just asked if he wanted to.  He said yes.)

Maddie accidentally knocked over one of the crystals we've been growing.
No matter!  We'll just check out bits of it under the microscope.

Have you played Nim this way?
You draw out, or section off some squares... then you take turns adding one or two pieces to the board.  When it's you turn you can go anywhere, but if you choose to put two pieces, they must be connected, and not diagonally.  You have to watch the board... because the person to lay the last piece wins!  Great strategy game.

Totally Tut. Or, rather, 'the pyramid game'.

 Trev's win

my win
Love this game!
(It's not always 24... it just happened that way.  You start with six tiles on your tray, then draw a number for the top. Have to fill in the pyramid, one row at a time, as you can, and may use the divide, subtract, multiply, or addition symbols freely.)

Building with blocks.

Helping to tidy up.

And Becoming Human series on Nova.

Life's good.


  1. A well rounded, full of fun day.

    Lovin' the tut math game :)

  2. Love the crystals! They are beautiful. What kind of crystals are they?

  3. Totally Tut sounds awesome. Wonder if we can get that here? Must look. Sounds like a great day. Your days ALL sound great. xoxo

  4. Finally got around to ordering Totally Tut from Amazon yesterday. Can't wait till it gets here!

  5. Growing crystals is something my boys are fanatic about. :) Love how you made the best of the broken piece. It looke lovely under the scope.

    We love the human body Nova show!


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