Thursday, September 29, 2011

wednesday perfect.

researching and ordering new 'puter games

tidying up

jumpstart world first grade

and still.  :)

the (preserved) fall leaves are done.  (I'll be showing you how that went.)
much, much different than wax, I thought at first.  waxed ones keep their (curved and crackled) shape, these are flat and pliable (rather limp)... and they feel like silk leaves.  that was a surprise, that the texture was so interesting.
Maddie said... "Ooh, what's this??  It feels like a peach!"
she's right, it does.
as the day wore on, however, they started curling as they dried.  which I actually prefer, as a little natural curve is what I wanted.

jumpstart for Madd, still.  :)  she's loving it, today.

Othello for Trevy and I.
I won--but only barely.  I reminded him that I was playing ruthlessly (and I am the Othello champion), ergo he had nothing to be ashamed of.  : )

loves to the green babies.

(for all three)


'puter play.
jumpstart world first grade for one (surprise!!!)
and cluefinders: reading for the other.

minecraft for one,and the geo-shapes game for Maddie and me.

pokemon research

and Freddy Fish 4: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch.

Trev picked out cuisenaire rods to play with today.
"wanna play now, Bud?"
division, today.

Nim!  love nim.

play of the rasslin' sort for the babes,
and sudoku for the mama.
love that.

yup.  that's pretty much what my front porch -and front yard- usually look like.  : ) yes, I do feel sorry for our neighbors.  however; I love my children even more than that.  (and I did suggest the backyard and a lowered clothes line when Maddie was playing pioneer the other day and wanted to hang cloths on the front fence.  :) )

it's not so much the Doing that was so lovely today, but rather the Being.
lots of laughter, and spirits were very, very easy.

all is well here.


  1. Has anyone ever told you that you are such an inspiration? I come to your blog every day just to see what your sweeties have been up to in their unschooling life. We aren't unschoolers, but I've learned so many things from your blog. I feel it has made me a better parent! I just started a blog, and would love your permission to mention you on my blog when the time is right. Would that be okay with you?

  2. Tracy -
    you can mention me any time you like. :) Hopefully it won't ever be with a curse on your lips!

    What lovely compliments you've given--thanks so much. I'm honored by the kind words!

  3. I'm with Tracy! You inspire me to let us be us. My kids loved Jumpstart back in the day. They LOVE Minecraft! We love our board games.

    You have a knack of recording it all, making it all look so lovely and learney. And just being. Fantastic stuff :-)

  4. We are Minecraft fans here too.... the boy is due for a marathon session today with one of his buddies.

    That wee frog is adorable!


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