Tuesday, September 13, 2011

tuesday's magic

first thing this morning, Maddie was outside washing and hanging cloths... a continuation of her pioneer play.

sweeping, scrubbing... what else, Mama?

"We could make butter..."
of course.
"How much would you like to make?"
"Two pounds!"

:)  our mason jar wouldn't quite hold two, so we settled for one. 
in goes the marble, and shake-shake-shake.

and roll, roll, roll.

when we opened it up (and the babes arms were very, very tired!) we looked at it, and it was actually quite further along than I had imagined.

we put it under the kitchenaid, and let it work the butter for us the rest of the way.
washed and squeezed the butter in cool water, to rinse off the buttermilk (to keep the butter from turning rancid too soon from the milk)....
and there we have it. 

no doubt we'll come up with something lovely and fine to make with it tomorrow...

it's that time....

and let's have something pretty, shall we?


do you love your life?
i love this life.


  1. I adore your life!

    Making butter never gets old. :)

  2. Mmm, love it all. We just added butter making to our to-do list yesterday. :o)

  3. How lovely -- playing and creating -- just perfect.

  4. Good idea to let the Kitchenaid to finish the butter!
    I love Maddie's heart.

  5. Making butter is so satisfying.
    The love shows.....

  6. Benjamin enjoys making butter, too!

  7. could i just say that i wish we could play together someday? my girls are all about pioneer play right now - and there's a half-gallon of whipping cream sitting in my fridge for butter-making tomorrow...i think we'd have fun...! i've had some weaving in mind lately - thank you for the beautiful inpsiration!


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