Wednesday, September 28, 2011


one of those days.
not a horrid day.  just one of those "where's my refund?" days.
it seems that often "in between" days are like that for me.  it's nice to get in there to see what's happening, but just doing inventory wasn't very satisfying for me, yesterday.  i was left at the end of the day feeling discontent, unassuaged. 
but there were a few things that were happy.

maddie engineering, for one.  i said the other day that i supposed i would recover from her love affair with the tellie.  my children are free to watch television, as you probably know, and i don't fuss over it--even when it's an apparent marathon.  so i wasn't really getting edgy about the television so much as i was arrested by the thought that Maddie wasn't being her inquisitive, flitting self.  all of a sudden she had Stopped, and was sitting.  this is the child that as far as i'm concerned is an unschooling mama's dream...always wanting to go, create, explore, express, engineer, investigate... to see her just Stop was rather disconcerting.
i confess i had the thought at Day Two of television... is this the end?
really, i should have known better.  i mean - you would not suppose that a free child would lose their interest in life, right?
regardless, yesterday morning (after already foraging outside amongst the raspberries, blackberries, and grapes for her breakfast) she called to me to come and see her invention.

i was properly and thoroughly impressed.  she had dug tools out of the box, was making holes with screws, utilizing her spare parts... wonderful.
[rolls eyes at herself] apparently my child hadn't rotted away after all.

moving on with our day, then.
we have lots of computer games.  i just recently went through the cabinet next to the computer, and reorganized the babes' games.  many of Trevelyn's have moved into Maddie's domain.  she now has like 50 or something, he's down to ten or so.  so in the name of "let's see what interesting things we have around here", yesterday we checked things out.
we looked at minecraft.  watched a tutorial or two.  asked a couple of questions of friends.
renewed our Jumpstart account (that was for Madd).
got some things out of the drawer for Trev that i thought "maybe".  but no.  they weren't interesting.  (more like quizzes than actual learning and play.)

so nothing new there, but we have several for Trev that we love... the Cluefinders (Reading Adventures) are interesting and fun, Zoombinis Logical Journey is good, we're loving Carmen Sandiego and Oregon Trail, have decided that MathBlaster is alright again, and of course the Lego games, all of the Zoo Tycoon sets we have, and Spore (and Galactic).
for future play we have Age of Mythology and DK's The New Way Things Work, Carmen Sandiego Word Detective and Super Solvers Gizmos and Gadgets (titles that came in the Adventure Workshop 4-6 grade), and we have Zoombinis Mountain Rescue on its way.

and yesterday we ventured into TimezAttack, to remind ourselves if we liked it or not... it's a good one.

so the day continued on like that, and this morning i'm feeling much better, and am actually looking forward to living, as opposed to sitting and sorting through things per yesterday.  it helped that i woke up at 4am, and have not gone back to sleep!  plenty of quiet time to sit here on my laptop... i've been researching new software (reading reviews and comparing them to titles we like), and have placed an order for Crazy Machines: The Wacky Contraptions Game, Cluefinders Math 9-12, Cluefinders 4th Grade Adventures: Puzzle of the Pyramid, and Cluefinders 5th Grade Adventures: Secret of the Living Volcano.  we're due for a few new titles, i think. 

so the things that felt as if they were dragging me yesterday are all put into their proper places, and i feel revived, again.  aah.

now i can get going and get my house and my head ready for a day of playing with my babies.
sounds good to me.


  1. We LOVELOVELOVE Crazy Machines!!! And Zoo Tycoon, of COURSE. The girlies never became very engaged with JumpStart, and mostly spend their computer time with Sydney on PBS Kids and Willow on the Usborne Quicklinks site, ferreting out links to fascinating things.

  2. This is what fall is for--trying new things, evaluating, making plans. You are a wise Mama with lucky babes!

  3. Hi STephanie,
    Wondering if you would consider adding to your resources section a simple list of some of your favourite board games. I often read here about ones I would like to try, but then can't refund them later in the week, month, year, when I have the funds to buy them :)


  4. Hi Anno!
    Most all of our games are linked in our Amazon store... not because we expect anyone to buy, but because it's handy to link and keep track of them that way!

    We have a lot of visitors outside the U.S., but linking them there at least makes for clarity.

    The link can be found here.


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