Friday, September 30, 2011



Let's start at the orchard, shall we?
Picking apples.

What actually turned up, however, were peaches!  !!  :)
Even better.
Peaches for eating
peaches for freezing
peaches for jam.
How divine.
(Hopefully we'll get back for more apples next week....)

To the park!
We were outside of our neighborhood, so chose one we haven't been to in a couple of years.
And guess what?
Friends were there, too!

Home to drop off Papa so's he could go to work...

and to lunch with the three of us.
Our favorite lunch place has a patio, and a little stream with ducks and birds flitting about.  Always nice, that.

And then a walk around the little nature park behind our lunch place.

To the grocer's for a few bags full of things,

and to home.

To a new Zoombinis (Mountain Rescue),


making final plans for a girly playdate tomorrow,


and Owls.
"Look, Mommy... isn't this owl in-stra-sting?"   So of course we had to read about them.

All is well here.

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  1. One of my most favourite things is going for a walk after eating—'specially with friends, 'specially after eating out! Then you're getting sustenance not just from your food, but from the talking, the sunshine (or not! winter walks are lovely too), and from the world all around. Yum.

    Another of my favourite things are orchards! Which I never get to go to, so they've gotten all magical in my mind—like fairies might be flitting about the peaches and apples. See any fairies, Stephanie? Ah, I'm sure you did :)


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