Thursday, September 22, 2011

thursday : goodly things

brown packages arriving a day early.

a new laptop battery... and a new cord that is Long Enough.  (woohoo.  what a nice surprise.)

a new book.
(Sam Loyd's  Book of Tangrams)

making pretties.


mantis rescue.

 (he rescued it, then it wanted to play--on him.)

"the game which shall not be named."
that was Trev.  he meant Totally Tut, of course.  :)
I know.  we've been playing it a lot.  what can I say?  he enjoys it--that's fine by me.

talk of what comes after quadrillion.  leads to googleplex, of course.

which somehow led to y2k (something he's been asking about the last couple of days), The End in 2012, and venturing into armageddon and the apocalypse.  
cool.  love those conversations.

time enough.


dinner in the oven.

I should say dinnerS in the oven.  baked chicken for one, chicken enchiladas for two.  sigh.  :)

computer play,
ad Rugrats.  Maddie's first tv love affair.
I'll be alright, I think.

now I think we're having a little America: The Story of Us.

goodly things, goodly life.
'night, then.


  1. You do always have so many goodly things to share here. Thanks for that.

  2. Oh! I do so love America: The Story of Us!

  3. goodly things arrived in our post - namely a frog patterned waterproof jacket for a happy seven year old.

  4. I love those conversations, too :)

  5. Emma is watching rugrats as I sit here surfing the web. She has watched all of the All Grown Up ones on netflix and decided she wanted to check out the originals too. She has also watched all of the She-Ra episodes that were available on netflix. Sometimes I struggle with the amount of t.v. she watches, but seeing as she colors and creates while she watches, I try not to get to worked up about it.

  6. I am always amazed at the topics, deep topics, they come up with. I love the mantis in the hair.

  7. Your goodly things are greatly :)

    Love the fan - I know a young one who will love that idea as well, so thanks for sharing...

  8. That tangrams book looks great.


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