Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer's End Keepsake

We've done the "Y" shaped stick - a weaving of yarn and flowers... this time I was thinking of a frame.
A frame for the end of summer's glory, hmmm?

I made my frame with four sticks and jute.

And a lovely yarn that we have around that we dyed and hand-spun ourselves.

Madeleine wanted a heart.  "'Bout this big," says she. 

And she'll take that pretty sky blue.

 So I took some creeper vine, and shaped a heart for her.  Easy enough.

In and out goes the yarn weave, in no particular way or pattern.


This goes to Friday's Nature Table at The Magic Onions for September 16, 2011.
Also connecting here at O.L.M. for Saturday's Artist on September 17.


  1. What a lovely idea! So pretty.

  2. Those are just lovely!

  3. Really pretty, especially up against the window.

  4. Very, very beautiful :)

  5. Those are awesome! And I was very impressed with the butter in the previous post too. :)

  6. Gorgeous and sweet, I think I'll borrow this idea if my girls are interested. Thanks!

  7. Yes, indeed...truly lovely!

  8. this is gorgeous, how lovely :-)

  9. What a wonderful fall activity, and art project. This looks like it would be really fun to make!

  10. That's so pretty!

  11. This looks like fun! It's starting to feel spring like here... I plan to try this with my girls when the flowers begin coming up. Hope you won't mind... I'm linking up at Tangled Happy tomorrow. Thanks for sharing this fun flowery idea!


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