Sunday, September 25, 2011


our neighborhood library was hosting a visit from a few owls... these two babes here were all over that.

which was lovely for me, too, as I got lots of (quiet) perusing-the-shelves time.  :)

I so love it when a good library visit is as inspiring as a large box full of Juice left on the front porch. woo!
today's finds:
Great Estimations by Bruce Goldstone
The Book of Totally Irresponsible Science: 64 Daring Experiments for Young Scientists by Sean Connolly
Play With Us: 100 Games From Around the World (we've had this one before, and really enjoyed it!)
Bizarre, Creepy Hoaxes by Kelly Regan Barnhill
Creatures From the Deep by Stephen Krensky
100 Most Awesome Things On the Planet by Anna Claybourne
Does An Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away? And Other Questions About Your Health by Sandy Donovan
DK's E-guides : Human Body
Our World: A Country-by-Country Guide by Millie Miller
How Big Is It? A Big Book All About Bigness by Ben Hillman
Owls.  : )  Naturally.  By Tom Warhol.

 the hammock

we wanted to paint, and started to get ready... all the little pots needed to be scrubbed out and shined up... ready to be filled with brand new inspiration.... that's done, now, but took so long that things like Jump!ing and "what are we gonna do about supper?" got in the way.... ah well, we're all ready for next time!

finished my fan.  mine is for Maddie... hers is for me.

played Big Brain Academy... Trev's choice, of course.

and then a little gourmet veggie pizza and America: The Story of Us (Part 2) out on the patio.
this is the first time I've watched it (when we started it the other day)... I really like it.  it's pretty informative, and making for great discussions.

I dunno what else.  computer time, certainly.  more decoration-making for Madeleine's party (she has a party every couple of days, you know...). wiiheehee.  play with the Beloveds (stuffed animals)....

all is well here.


  1. What fun to see the owls! I especially like the little one - so sweet :)

    Your book list has some titles we will surely look into.

  2. Browsing the library shelves is awesome. You never know what you may find. We do it quite often around here.

  3. We love several of those books. I love coming home with library finds too. Have a wonderful rest to the weekend.

  4. Light bright, regular parties, all the creativity... sounds very much like a day in the life here (Perhaps Layla and Maddie are kindred spirits) :o). We have the Totally Irresponsible Science book and its companion, The Book of Potentially Catastrophic Science. They are full of fun stuff (aside from a wee bit of vaccine propaganda). The hubby and I actually got them for us awhile ago, but I suppose we'll share with the girls, too.

  5. I am squealing in delight over those owls! Squeeeee...


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