Thursday, September 22, 2011

monday ~ tuesday

oh, let's see.

there's been zoo tycoon (one; complete collection).  lots of that.  trev's been working on a particular zoo, currently has over 150 animals, has won loads of awards, and is very happy with his project.  :)  his mama is very happy for him.
 funny that he's not content to play like he used to anymore, but now he wants to train animals for shows, bring in revenue, please his visitors, and win awards.  interesting.

we've played with zoombinis. logical journey, actually.  very interesting math game, if you haven't heard of it.  logical journey uses lots of logical thinking/developing, with no numbers.  we like it well enough that we've ordered mountain rescue, too.

since we remembered Pinwheels for Peace was coming up, we got our pinwheels ready.  always lovely to have our worldly well wishes blowing from our gate to the world.

maddie and i created lots of magnets with love words for our fridge.  little wooden pieces that we've painted with acrylic markers and sparkly gel pens.

what else?
made art for friends...


we've played the pyramid game (totally tut--on sale for $15.34 if you've been watching it)....

lots of jumping on the trampoline...

we've played with the Cluefinders....

have practiced drawing,

made plans for apple picking...

moving right along.
all is well, here.

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  1. We so want Zoo tycoon! You should share some screen shots. :)


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