Thursday, August 18, 2011

What day is it?

Yesterday I had the thought that Maddie might like a treehouse for her playmobil people. And I figured we could make one out of popsicle sticks.
So this morning, we did.
I did most of the construction, and then she completed it with vines and ivy.

Trevy and I picked up our first Mythbuster book from the library. 'Cause it was ready. And we weren't willing to wait for the second one, too. :)

Since we were out and about.... a trip to the market for one of those soda cans that Trev was wanting to explode. Bustin' his own myth, you may recall.

Grapes!! Seedless ones!! After six?? years, this year we have green seedless. And they're divine.

"I'm making a tent. For an indoor camp. We're gonna tell ghost stories tonight. Eunie tells the best ghost stories."

Bubbles. Giant ones. Big ones. Tiny ones.

To Trev, "Wanna play Mario Kart?" :)
He did!

"Wanna play somethin', Bud? Wanna go grab us a game?"
He came back with Fraction Whirl.


Er... they were doing the hollerin', I was doin' the sighin'.

I don't know what else there was. Bridges. Wiiheeheee. Tidying up. Barbies. More dragon play.

Now tot's asleep in my bed, and I have a date with Little Son in the livingroom... Mythbusters on Netflix.

Prob'ly we'll be checking in tomorrow...


  1. I love that you don't know what day it is! Because you are having so much fun and it doesn't matter. Love it!

  2. Mythbuster book? Wait until my kids see THAT one at the library! :)


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