Wednesday, August 03, 2011

wednesday : play

workbook play
(mostly 'spot the difference' games--superfun.)

tangram play

-which naturally led to-

geo-dice game.

flowers for you

-with three home runs.

"Trev. I thought up an art game. Wanna play?"
"How do you play?"
"Well... we each have a piece of paper, then the first person calls out, say, a blue square. So we all draw a blue square, somewhere. Then the next person calls, say... clouds! So we all draw that. Then the next person maybe calls out a person near the top of the blue square... and so it continues. Then we see each other's pictures after we're done, and notice how different and individual they are!"
"Sounds good! I'd rather paint."
"Um.... sure!" :)

"My main objective," he says, pointing out his elements, "was to make stripes, teeny stripes, and spots."
"Aah, I see," said his Mama.
"Let's see yours, Maddie," he encourages, "Oooooh, that's beautiful!"

Eventually it came to pass that Trev played Pokemon, and Maddie and I played the art game.

"Almost ready for that bike ride?" asked their Mama.

Early(ish) this morning Maddie and I watched World Heritage... today it was about the Great Barrier Reef. Which put in mind imax movies.... and netflix.... and The Living Sea.
"Wanna watch The Living Sea tonight?" I asked.
"Hey I remember that show. It was a good one," he says.
"Or Amazon. We liked that one." (Saw it at the Planetarium.)
"Or we could watch Sea Monsters."
"Mmm, haven't seen that one in a while...."

"Bike ride yet?"

Wait. What? What are those babies, on the peppermint and catnip? Four of them.

Aaah. Lesser Goldfinches.

and there are the hummingbirds.

Come play, come play. All are welcome, here.



"Bike ride??" :)

Bike ride!
To the park!

To home

...with slurpees...

and can you hear it?
The crickets have started tonight.

That will do.


  1. You are so welcome for the mention - I've always admired your blog so much. Hope it sent some traffic your way :-)

    Your days always sound so fun.

  2. Glad to see all the fine fun being had at your house!

  3. What a brilliant art game! And wee goldfinches ...awwww, so sweet!

  4. I came from the link on Lisa's blog and am so glad I did.

    Sounds like a nearly perfect day! Learning through play and building relationships, topped off with doesn't get much better than that!

  5. I always smile at the idea of "Lesser" species. Maybe I just like to root for the underdog. Ha!

    I adore the photos of the kids together--they always look so sweet and loving toward one another. :)

  6. You have very creative ways for kids to learn by! Keep up the good work:)


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